Quick & Effective Tips to Secure Your Mobile Phone from Malware & Spam in 2021


Who in the world is not living without a mobile phone? Everybody has this tiny gadget that is in their pockets, and they can quickly access the world with only one click. What we’re not aware of is that smartphones aren’t secured until we create one. We often overlook the minor functions and updates that could safeguard our phones. Below are a few suggestions and tricks to help you keep your phone secure.

  • Protect With Passwords Or Pin

You don’t just need to ensure that your phone’s lock is secure, however; you must create a second method in addition. What happens if the phone you have encrypted and your apps are accessible to anyone? Therefore, to prevent this from happening, you should create an application lock for each application. It is an integrated function of your mobile phone that a majority of people don’t know about. In your settings to set up the application lock, then set the method you prefer, which could be fingerprint, password, pattern, or pin.

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There aren’t any duplicates in the report. Apart from that, it makes use of facial recognition or making a combination of password patterns, pins, or passwords. Make sure that these methods are so secure that no hacker is able to be able to decrypt these methods.

  • Secure Your Mobile With Lock

A majority of those who use smartphones aren’t used mobile locks. The percentage of people not using an effective mobile phone lock is most prevalent among those who are between 30 and in the age range. The reason is that some people believe they may lose their password, while others fear fingerprints, and face recognition, too. Your phone should be secured with a lock that is secure. The fingerprints that you take are the most secure as every person has their own unique fingerprint.

  • Operating System Up To Date

Whether you’re either using iPhone or Android both run an operating system. The operating systems are maintained each month a new version is released with additional security enhancements. The thing that people should do is to not update their OS and leave their devices vulnerable to hackers. Your private data could easily be hacked. It is therefore essential to update your OS and do not leave it to later for updates or else you could lose your information.

  • Avoid Downloading From Unauthentic Resources

We don’t consider the platform we are using when downloading from another platform. Most of us believe it’s genuine however, it’s not. There is a risk of being exposed to fraudulent actions when you click the link to download. It is important to go to the official sites of the download application or the genuine app store that is available on your operating systems. Also, make sure to look over the reviews and verify when the last update was made.

  • Use Secure Wi-Fi Connection

Every smartphone comes with an option for Wi-Fi. Therefore, when people move around in public areas like restaurants, shopping malls or cafes, etc. In these places, they look for Wi-Fi networks or not. Utilizing these public Wi-Fi networks may be insecure. It is advised to connect it using the help of a Virtual Private Network. This will allow you to protect your data as well as other sensitive data. One benefit of VPN is that the location of your computer is altered, and it isn’t traceable.

At The End

These ideas are courtesy of Mr. Frudo he is a tech geek and security app developer who recently tried all these practices upon his Infinix Zero X Pro & suggested this to you. One more bonus tip by him is: Don’t allow popups to send you notifications as most of them are usually for spam purposes