Tips To Keep Engineered Wood Floors Clean and Shiny

engineered wood flooring

Engineered wood flooring is gaining popularity among homeowners for various reasons, including aesthetic appeal, stability and longevity. If wood flooring is what you are looking for, then engineered floor is the perfect option as it is easy to maintain and offers the same elegance as solid hardwood flooring.

Engineered flooring is affordable and with moisture or temperature fluctuations, the floorboards don’t get warped or swelled like solid wood planks. These floorboards are highly stable due to their construction. They consist of a top veneer layer which is a hardwood layer. Below this layer is the core constructed of multi layers of plywood. The core lends stability to the boards and hence longevity.

Let’s dive straight into how to maintain engineered wood flooring and keep them clean and shiny.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Mopping & Vacuuming

Maintenance of any type of flooring is important. Whilst maintenance of wood flooring is difficult and time consuming, it is not the case with engineered floors. All you need to do to keep them shiny is regular cleaning. Mopping or vacuuming every day or alternate day would be sufficient to keep your flooring clean. You can mop the floorboards using a damp cloth. Try to avoid excess water as moisture can cause some damage to the boards. Cleaning also increases the durability of the floorboards.

Lacquer refinishing for shine

With time your floors will start looking dull and lose shine, in that case, you can revive the lustre by using a lacquer refresher. This will take care of the dullness and scratches. For your lacquered engineered flooring, you can refer manufacturer’s cleaning guide and recommendations.

Using the right products can bring back the shine and keep your floor lustrous.

Protect your floorboards from Stains

Stains can cause severe damage to your engineered oak flooring. Protecting the floor from stains is very crucial and for this, you need to take utmost care. When any liquid spills, try to clean it immediately. In fact, you need to avoid such incidents as much as possible.

Take care that you clean the surface gently using a mild spray cleaner. The use of harsh products should be avoided completely. Also, make sure that you do not aggressively scrub the surface of engineered floorboards.            

Use a wood moisture meter

When you install engineered wood floorboards or solid hardwood, you need to be extra alert about the humidity in your house. Long time exposure to moisture can cause serious damage to the boards. To avoid flooring issues, it is recommended that you use a wood moisture meter to measure the moisture level and keep a check on it. Otherwise, the aesthetic look of your flooring may get ruined.

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Get the damages repaired

It is very difficult to keep your floor in the best condition all the time. Damages can happen and you cannot escape this fact but you can immediately act on them. Get the damages repaired as soon as possible. Cover up the scratches and other marks with a lacquer refresher. For scratches that are difficult for you to handle, seek professional help.

Do not take any mark or scratch lightly, be it small or deep. Repair it yourself or call a professional but make sure not to ignore it.

Engineered flooring can be a great value for money if you maintain it properly. Regular mopping or vacuuming will ensure that your floor will not lose its shine and durability. And will continue adding to the aesthetic value of your interiors.