Shifting to Your Dream Home? Here are Some Tips on Wardrobe Boxes That Will Ease Your Moving

Wardrobe Boxes

Wardrobe boxes are specially designed boxes to transport hanging clothes safely, during the course of the move. When you are ready to pack a wardrobe box, clothes can easily be moved from your closet, and hung on the metal hanging bar on the box. In 2019, around 31 million people have moved to the United States only. Along with it, reports and past observations show that most Americans, in their lifetime, will live in at least 11 different houses.

With so much moving and shifting, the art has almost been perfected. So many different ways of moving, so many different companies, multiple types of rental trucks, even different types of boxes to pack all your stuff in, there is an option for you to serve your purpose.

Why are Wardrobe Boxes So Special?

Let’s face the truth. Before moving, taking clothes off the hanger, then folding into a box, labelling the box, and then once you have shifted, again taking them out, ironing and rehanging them is not just a pain but a nuisance.

But thank God that there’s an easier way out to move them while you are shifting houses. What’s that? A wardrobe box. And, it is truly a boon for us. This large cardboard box comes with a metal hanging rod, and you can just simply keep your clothes on a hanger and hang them. Once you have moved, hang them back in your closet.

No wrinkles, no fuss, and definitely no folding of your clothing during your shifting.

How Can You Pack a Wardrobe Box?

There are so many types of moving boxes to choose from, but the most important fact that remains is how well you pack them.

Assembling of A Wardrobe Box

  • Take the box, flip it over and tape the bottom of it tight.
  • Flip it back again.
  • You will find two grooves on either side. Insert the metal hanging bar on either side where the bar can rest.
  • Hang your clothes on the metal bar and tape the box shut.
  • Your wardrobe garment boxes are ready for the move.

Need to Move Clothes? Check Out the Best Ways to Move

I know you are already in love with the very concept of wardrobe garment boxes. But did you know that there are other methods too apart from these moving boxes? Let’s check out.

  • A Garbage Bag: This is a much-loved method as this is hassle-free, and you can very well reuse the bag. You do not even need to remove the hangers. All you need to do is just open the garbage bag, fill it with your clothes and hanger, just the just they were hanging in your cupboard. Loop in strings around the hangers in opposite directions and lay them flat.
  • A Vacuum Seal: You would find vacuum seals especially helpful if you have to shift bulky clothing like comforters, jackets, jumpers and blankets. Plus, a vacuum seal would be especially good investment if you need to store seasonal things.
  • A Good Ol’ Suitcase: You can easily achieve two things with this, and that too effortlessly. What’s that? You can move your suitcases and clothes at the same time. No more you have to pack those bulky suitcases into huge cardboard boxes. Just fold and clean your clothes in your suitcases, as if you are going for a long vacation, and get them relocated. Simple.
  • Pack Things Together: If you don’t pack your dresses category-wise, it would be very difficult for you when it come to unpack. Keep all the similar products together, e.g., the shirts together, the house clothes together, socks in a separate compartment, lingerie in another, and gym clothes in another.
  • Sort Well and Downsize: Before you plan and pack for your shift, sort out your clothes. If you have clothes that you haven’t worn for a while, or you have outgrown some clothes, or your kids have grown up, do not pack those extra pieces. Donate, sell or just simply throw away the tattered pieces.

When you have all the tips and tricks of shifting clothes, what are you waiting for? Put them into action and you can thank us later.