Tips On How To Wrap And Package Bath Bombs

Bath bomb boxes

Bath bombs have been a part of the toiletries market for a while now, and for a good reason. They smell great, come in all sorts of colors, and make your bath water fizzle when you add them.
If you’re considering expanding your own bath bomb business, or are looking to start one up, then you should take a look at our top tips on how to package and wrap your product. We’ve compiled advice on how to make your bath bombs fly off the shelves.

Bath Bomb Packaging Ideas

Bathing salts are a great way to give luxury to yourself or share with someone else. These products come in fruity, calming, and soothing scents. Bathing salts aren’t just for relaxation; their effervescent properties can leave you feeling invigorated.
How would you like a bath? If you’re treating yourself or a loved one to a bath bomb packaging, the way in which they are presented is important—just as if you’re the proud creator of a bath bomb. A beautifully designed packaging will sell your products and impress your customers.

How To Wrap Bath Bombs For Presents

A great way to package bath bombs is by placing them in a recyclable cardboard gift box. They should be carefully lined and arranged in colorful, crumpled tissue paper.
At Packzy, we are proud to offer self-locking boxes that keep your bath bombs safe during transport no matter the size or color you need. Our range of sturdy boxes are also recyclable and sustainably sourced. Choose from a variety of sizes and colors to both match your product and make a great looking gift set.
Present your bath bombs in the best way possible. If that means using high-quality packaging, then you can be sure that we’ve got you covered. We have options in different sizes to meet your product specification. If you’re looking for that personal touch, then add some with eye-catching ribbon or twine, or just by adding a gift tag with a special message to your loved ones.

What Can I Wrap My Bath Bombs In?

Here at Packzy, we offer a range of cellophane bags that are perfect for packaging your bath bombs. Our transparent cellophane bags are made of polypropylene glossy film, giving them the capacity to highlight the bright and vibrant colors of your customized bath bombs.
We offer a wide range of cellophane bags to help you select the best one for your bath bombs. These beauties will look amazingly professional with one of our bags protecting them.
With so many styles of bath bombs, it can be hard to find the perfect bag for them. From block-bottom and gusseted bags, to cone-shaped, display bags, or pattered bags, our company will have the perfect packaging for any look you need.
Great news! A mom will love individual bath bombs because they make the perfect Mother’s Day, Christmas, or birthday present. And they’re just as perfect for a great treat for yourself, too. Seasonal and occasion-related ribbons ensure that you’ll find the perfect one for any type of celebration.
We have a range of ribbons that is sure to compliment any product line. From the timeless feel of vintage ribbon to the perfect, patterned ribbon for a festive or moving-in gift, we can help you find any ribbon you need for your business.

Can I Wrap Bath Bombs In Tissue Paper?

Tissue paper is a traditional, eco-friendly, and fully recyclable option. It is also cost-effective, but it is traditionally white. We’ve come up with the idea of wrapping your bath bombs in tissue paper with a splash of colour to brighten things up.
Packzy is more than tissue paper. We have 29 colours to match your branding and each of those colours is fully recyclable. A variety of colours for your specific needs is a great way to convey how much you care about the earth. Our paper is also acid-free and bleed-resistant, ensuring that your product will be safe from any damage or tarnishing.
We recommend using crumpled tissue paper to wrap your bath bombs, as this acts as a protective cushion making them less likely to crumble. Discover more about our premium and diverse tissue paper range.
Crumpled tissue paper is the best way to wrap your bath bombs. It acts like a protective cushion, so it’s less likely for your bath bombs to crack or crumble. We at Paper & More know all about the importance of premium and diverse tissue paper!

How Long Do Bath Bombs Take To Dry?

It is important to dry your bath bombs before putting them in any type of packaging. This will reduce the chance of damage to the product or the packaging during transit and lessen the risk of any harm.
To dry your bath bombs, leave them out overnight at room temperature. You can also use a fan to help speed up the process. But remember to store bath bombs in a dry place so they don’t react in damp areas. Excessive humidity can break down your bath bombs before anyone has had the chance to buy or enjoy them.

Eco-friendly Packaging

Packzy is a responsible company which provides eco-friendly packaging solutions. From cardboard boxes to beautiful tissue paper, Packzy will help you be more mindful of the environment when it comes to your bath bomb wrapping and packaging.

Final Words

The right packaging is key when it comes to bath bombs. We make the perfect packaging options available for you and your products. With our premium range of cellophane bags, brown postal boxes and tissue paper, we’re able to give your products the best packaging!

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