Tips For Marketing A Building Business

How to Draft an Online Business Plan

1. Build A Good Team

The cornerstone of any construction company is its team. You have to hire the right people and reward their work, as well as help them continue to grow in their careers. Not only will you want to focus on building a good team, but you’ll want to maintain a great team. Ensure that you have the best industrial parts so they can do their jobs, ensure they feel supported at all times. When you have a solid team working for you, then your company stands a better chance at succeeding. 

2. Build A Solid Network 

Many of the top construction companies get new clients via their network. You can build a strong network by attending networking events, joining industry associations, going to golf tournaments or joining entrepreneur groups to name a few. When you meet people who get to know you and they begin to like you, the chances are they’ll recommend you to people they know or speak to. 

3. Launch A Website 

You can have the best construction company in the world, but you probably won’t reach as many potential clients as you could if you don’t have a website. If your existing website hasn’t been worked on in awhile or you don’t have a site at all, then you should make building one a top priority. You want to launch a website that includes information about what you offer, who you are and frequently asked questions. Your website should explain how your services can solve problems visitors to your site might have.

Here’s a tip: hire a website developer and an SEO company, regardless if you’re building a website from scratch or redesigning your site. The end result will be a website that is optimized and a site that has a good chance of ranking in the search engines results pages. Sure, you can optimize your site later on, but it’s a good idea to get everything done right from the start. 

4. Streamline Modes Of Communication 

You want to make it as easy as possible for prospective clients to get in touch with you. On your website, use things like live chat features, contact forms and make sure your phone number is visible on each page of your site. The same goes for your email address. 

Also, businesses can get a Google My Business listing, so make sure to claim yours. This will allow customers to easily find you. The more ways a person can communicate with you, the higher the chances are you’ll generate more business. 

5. Provide Proof Of Customer Satisfaction

You need social proof that past customers have had a good experience with your company, otherwise potential customers might not trust you. This is regardless if you speak highly of your business on your website or at networking events. Reviews, project galleries, testimonials and case studies are all different ways to build trust online. 

. Reviews- You can ask customers to leave you a review. Ask customers to leave reviews on sites such as Yelp, Google and Facebook. Encourage businesses you work with if they can leave you a review. Sending review requests to past customers is a great way to get reviews fast.

. Testimonials- Not everyone likes leaving reviews. However, you can ask them to leave you a testimonial on your site. Lots of people are comfortable enough to do this. 

. Project Gallery- It is highly recommended to have a project gallery on your site. Showcase pictures of past work you’ve completed. Make sure you list the challenges associated with each project and what you did to overcome those challenges. 

. Case Studies- Case studies are kind of like a project gallery. You want to include various types of info in this section, similar to what’s on your project gallery page. However, you want to include direct quotes form past clients.

6. Use Social Media 

You need to using social media if you want to be successful. Once your site is officially launch, you want to launch your profiles across social media sites. Each profile should link back to your site. 

Here’s a tip, use the social sites that your targeted market is using. This includes Twitter and Facebook, as well as LinkedIn. Update your social media content on a regular basis. Don’t forget to engage with your followers.

7. Marketing & Advertising

Market and advertise your business. SEO and content marketing are the best forms of marketing for a building company. Do SEO and content marketing regularly.

Also, don’t forget about Facebook Ads and Google Ads. Start by spending a small amount on advertisements. This will help you determine which campaigns are worth scaling.