Tips for Maintaining Your Car Tyres

Car Tyres
Car Tyres

Maintaining a tyre is necessary, but it is also the most avoidable thing of car maintenance. Yes, only a few individuals pay attention to their tyres. Great; If you are one of them, you have known the benefits of maintaining a tyre for sure; if you are not and are considering adopting such behaviour, dive into this blog. Various seasons require different approaches to tyre maintenance. Both summer and winter Tyres London advice is in this blog. 

If you follow the maintenance tips, your tyre will run for almost 5000 miles longer. See, tyre maintenance tips not only extend the tyre life but also saves money and give you a safe and high-performance ride. If you maintain a tyre; your tyre will be in good condition and hence it never damages the wheel alignment, wheel, suspension, steering, brake, etc. a well-maintained tyre saves fuel cost by offering less consumption. 

The guide divides into two parts; summer and winter. Follow the instructions and put them into action at the appropriate season. Now, if you want the best tyres for passenger or commercial vehicles at a reasonable price, visit UK tyres and select from a wide choice of premium, budget, and mid-range tyres. Choose Bridgestone Tyres London if you require a tyre that will last more than 7-8 years and provide great durability, performance, and safety. Take a relaxing journey.

Tyre maintenance tips on summer 

In London, Maintaining a tyre in the summer months is not daunting because the city never experiences harsh summer months. June, July and August are summer months in the city. The average temperature goes to 66 F in such months. Use the below-mentioned tips in the same month. 

  • Take the car away from the UV rays 

Indeed, the majority of people park their car in front of sunlight, however, they never thought about how the UV rays affect the tyre. Sunlight is harmful to tyres; if you are going to park for 2 or 3 hours, that’s fine, but if you park for 9-10 hours for a long time, it may harm tyres. 

  • Inspect tyre air pressure and valves 

Due to the loss of air pressure from the tyre during the summer months, check the tyre air pressure twice a week. In addition, inspect the valve’s condition. Tyre air pressure leaks happen by faulty valves.

  • Check tread depth and pattern twice a month 

Indeed, people have to apply sudden brakes and acceleration to avoid a collision. However, many individuals do this for fun and to look cool. After a certain period, the continuous friction of the tyre offers an excessive amount of heat to the tyres, eventually, it gets damaged. Inspect once a week. 

  • Wash the tyres 

Washing tyres removes dirt and other undesirable substances that have accumulated over time on the tyres. Once every two weeks, wash the tyre.

  • Don’t apply sudden brake and acceleration anyway

Avoid sudden brakes and acceleration, especially on rough roads. Use the sudden brake and acceleration at the time of emergency. 

  • Do rotation of the tyre

To extend the life of your tyres, rotate them every 4000-5000 miles. Sometimes the left or sometimes the right tyres could probably sustain greater damage, implying that one side of the tyre will damage. Rotation is necessary to guarantee that each tyre receives the same amount of wear.

Tyre maintenance tips on winter 

Summer is fine but driving and maintaining the tyre in the winter months is extremely difficult. However, some tips can guide you. 

  • Avoid overspeeding 

Overspeeding is one of the biggest reasons for quick wear. Avoid overspending in the winter season. It may save you money as well as keep you safe. 

  • Put your car in the garage 

Snow can easily harm the tyres if the car parks outside every day. So keep your car inside the garage if possible. 

  • Rotation is must 

Use the same method as you do for the summer; tyre rotation. It implies winter too. 

  • Inspect the whole tyre for any kind of damage 

Puncture, tyre cut and crack, less tread depth, sidewall damage, etc are some types of tyre damage. Take a look at the tyres once a week. 

  • Maintain the tyre pressure 

Use the same guide that you have read for the summer month. 

Apart from that, you have to follow some basic things such as; avoiding potholes, driving slow on kerbs, avoiding harsh driving, checking tyre air pressure, maintaining the wheel alignment, maintaining the suspension, maintaining wheels, and driving according to the road, etc. Get the high-quality all-season, winter, summer Tyres London for your car, avoid your earlier behaviour and implement the tips, you will see a better result, of course.