Tips for Healthy Grocery Choices

Healthy Grocery Choices

It’s about choosing items in the Indian grocery store with a focus on creating a healthier diet that includes nutrient-rich foods that are low in calories but high in vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

Five quick tips that illustrate some of what the blog will cover:

1. Putting fruit in the refrigerator without washing it first

To keep your fruit from decaying too quickly, put it in the fridge as soon as you get home from the store, without washing it first. The fruit has a natural protective layer that keeps it from rotting prematurely. Washing fruit before putting it in the refrigerator also promotes rotting because of the moisture that remains on it. Bottom line: Wash fruit in cool, fresh water just before eating.

2. Be colorful

Choose colorful fruits because each one can contain different nutrients. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Buy a piece and try it. You may be attracted to something new and different.

3. Don’t skip the frozen food aisle

To cut costs, if you’re looking for a certain vegetable and can’t find it because it’s not in season, try checking out the frozen section or even canned or jarred produce. They allow you to have many seasonal foods all year round.

4. Avoid breaded or fried foods

Want to make healthier food choices but don’t have time to read labels? Avoid breaded or fried foods that add calories and fat.

5. Buy in bags, not boxes

Whenever possible, buy frozen fruits and vegetables in bags instead of boxes. That way you can use what you need, seal the bag and save the rest for later.