Tips for Finding a Great Fashion PPC Agency


Before you run out and hire any SEO or PPC agency that you see, please keep some of these tips in mind to ensure you find the right agency that can help your business grow.

Check Their Previous Clients
Since we are trying to find a digital marketing agency that works within a specific industry, we certainly want to see if they have past experience working with clients in the fashion business, and if so, how many. This makes a huge difference if you specifically want account managers who have knowledge of the fashion industry and know how to work with these kinds of businesses online. You want them to be able to work with your type of business because it should give you more confidence in their ability as a fashion PPC agency to create a paid search strategy that is meant to target certain buyers. Check their websites to see what kinds of clients they have worked with before. If they show references from multiple companies that they have worked in the fashion market, then it is a good sign for you to proceed and learn more about what this fashion PPC agency has to offer.

See If They Write Content Often
While we are looking at companies that have experience running PPC campaigns for fashion brands, we want to take a closer look and see what their skill sets include. You want your fashion PPC agency to be capable of writing Google ads that perform double duty for your business. You want the ad campaigns to help you with driving sales and bringing more people to the website, while also representing the brand appropriately. This can be a fine task that requires some skill and experience in order to really nail down. The ad copy has to fit your brand voice while also fitting certain needs to improve metrics like conversion rate. If the PPC management team you choose often produces their own creative SEO content, then it is a great sign that they will have the skill needed to produce suitable ad campaigns. You can tell the difference in the final product when the writers have experience combining technical and branded writing versus writers who mainly work on the analytics and are not as familiar with creative writing. A fashion PPC agency that has a team of dedicated SEO content and PPC ad copy writers should yield you much better results.

Get Numbers Where You Can
Although the PPC management teams you look at may have a history of working with one or two fashion businesses, you still do not know much about their quality of performance. You want a fashion PPC agency that delivers results, not just claims. To learn more about the company you are dealing with, you should look at the case studies listed on the website and see what their achievements are for these clients. With PPC, you want to look at metrics relating to conversion rate, organic search compared to PPC traffic, and ad rank in search engine results. Take a look at these numbers and compare them to what you want for your own business. If you do not know what are good baseline figures, you may need to do some light research, but it will give you a better idea of what this digital marketing agency should be able to offer you.

With the right agency behind you, a solid PPC strategy should feel completely doable and within reach. You just want an agency that has experience in successfully supporting fashion businesses through Google Ad campaigns. A great example of this is the team at They have skilled PPC account managers and writers, all experienced in working with the fashion industry, so they can get your campaigns up and running quite nicely.

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