Tips for Exploring Dubai in a Hassle-free Manner


Dubai is the ultimate destination for tourists and luxury lovers. And the main reason behind this popularity is the marvelous beauty, luxurious environment, and mystery of this heavenly city. Moreover, countless opportunities to explore the UAE from historical and cultural perspectives also attract millions of people to witness breathtaking wonders and the peace of nature.

Traveling to Dubai is the desire of every tourist who is a thrill and luxury lover. And Dubai warmly welcomes all tourists by serving them with every kind of facility from the rare opportunity of riding in a luxury car to dining in the world’s only seven-star hotel. Travelers with no driving license can also easily rent a car with driver in Dubai to ensure safe, comfortable, and luxurious traveling in and around the city. Moreover, hiring a credible platform such as One Click Drive also provides you with the opportunity to rent your dream luxury car at very reasonable rent.

The existence of mesmerizing beaches and stunning desert lands add more attraction to the city of gold. However, to explore and enjoy all the beauty of Dubai, it’s crucial to catch up with some crucial tips that can help you to go economically and hassle-free throughout your travels. Therefore, we compile here some essential tips to support or guide all types of tourists.

Choose The Best Time

Just like millions of tourists, you also do not want to face severe heat, dust storms, and heavy rains while enjoying thrilling activities in the land of iconic buildings or wonders. To avoid weather impact, it’s crucial to choose an ideal time for traveling to the city of dreams, Dubai.

If you are planning to visit Dubai only for tourist purposes and can manage your schedule easily, then October to March are the best months to enjoy this memorable excursion. Because the weather during these months remains moderate, most events also take place during this time.

Pack Smartly

Most tourists face trouble during traveling due to excessive luggage or missing important stuff. It not only ruins your trip but also costs extra for carrying heavy luggage. Therefore, packing smartly is always a great deal to ensure hassle-free excursions to Dubai.

Making a list of all the important objects you need during a trip, from clothes to digital gadgets, is a time-saving and ideal approach to packing nicely. Light and comfortable clothes, easy-to-wear sandals, sweaters, or blankets to tackle cold nights if desert and other essentials according to your stay period are crucial parts of luggage.

Essentials to keep

To avoid any troubles and add more joy to this exciting excursion, there are some essentials that you must carry with you. These essentials are

  • Important documents and their photocopies
  • Credit or debit cards
  • The local currency of Dubai
  • Raincoat, umbrella, and torch
  • Sunblock, sunshades, mask, and hat

Follow Tourist Guide or City Map

Dubai is a massively crowded place that holds a diverse network of iconic buildings, restaurants, and complicated roads. Therefore, tourists are often confused about which places to visit. However, the use of a tourist guide can help you to follow all famous tourist destinations without facing any troubles or time waste.

For first-time visitors, the use of a city map is compulsory to move easily from one place to another in the city or to ride a car.

Choose a Car Rental Services

Selection of means of transport is another major issue that first-time visitors often face in Dubai. Though public transport buses, taxis, and metro trains provide easy and affordable access to all famous places, hiring a rental car is always an excellent choice.

Renting a car in Dubai helps you to easily move in and around Dubai without wasting time waiting for public buses or paying extra heavy charges for taxis. No matter where you are located in Dubai, you can get car rental services without any hassle. All you have to do is use your smartphone, and the car of your choice will be there in your location in no time.

Final Thought

Dubai, the plethora of tourist destinations and natural beauty, is an ideal place for luxury enthusiasts to dive into the world of thrill and adventure. However, slight mistakes or unawareness of basic tourism tips can ruin your entire trip. Therefore, make sure to adopt the above-mentioned tips and make this memorable excursion hassle-free.

For more ease and comfort, you can also visit or select and credible rental car company to rent a car with driver in Dubai. And can enjoy the stunning experience of riding a car on mysterious roads of Dubai from the lap of luxury.