Tips for a First Time Horse Riding Trip in Salt Lake City


Taking a horse riding trip for the first time can take courage. Getting on a huge animal can be intimidating to those who aren’t used to being around them. However, these animals are harmless and horseback riding is safe when following instructions. One surprising fact is that Salt Lake City is one of the best places for a beginner’s horse riding trip. Visitors or residents are able to horseback ride any time of the year, even in the colder winter months. Whether a person is taking a horse riding trip on vacation or wanting to start a new hobby, there are a few tips a rider should take to feel confident on the horse.

The first tip is to ensure the rider is wearing the proper attire for safety and comfortability. Horse riding trips are best when wearing jeans, boots, and of course, a helmet. Any horse riding facility in Salt Lake City will have helmets that riders can borrow. The stables will also have the right saddle and other gear needed for the ride.

The next tip when going for a horse riding trip is to make sure the rider is relaxed as can be and has the proper posture. The right posture is sitting up straight, keeping ears, shoulders, and heels aligned. This might seem harder than it is, but once on a horse, this will feel most comfortable and easy. Proper posture is important because it will make the horse feel the rider’s relaxation and will result in the horse being relaxed.

The third tip is to remain calm while staying confident both on and off the horse. Horses are amazing animals that have the ability to sense if a rider is not confident and they will want to take control. Remaining confidence does not mean pulling the horse around everywhere, but means that the rider is confident to make the horse move with minimal effort.

The last tip for beginner riders is to take things slowly at first to really get comfortable with riding the horse. Beginner riders are advised to just walk their first horse riding trip which is still enjoyable. It is best to learn the motions at a much slower pace for safety of the rider and horse.

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Beginners should take note of these tips when taking their first horse riding trip in Salt Lake City