Tips by Cell Phones Repair Experts in Peoria for Water Damage


The issue that experts at stores offering cell phones repair in Peoria face the most is the devices have been damaged by water. Mobile users can drop their devices in water or spill liquid on them. You have to take your gadgets to the repair store as soon as possible, but users can follow the suggested tips mentioned in this article to minimize the damage from water.

Water Damage Signs Indicated by Experts of Cell Phones Repair in Peoria

The mobile technicians have indicated three main signs that will tell that the cell phone has fallen in water or moisture has reached the internal parts. Many mechanics will tell the clients about these three signs; so that the mobile users can take important steps to minimize the damage.

Moisture has Appeared on the Device Screen

The mobile screen is the first thing that you have to look into. You first have to remove the protective cover and clear away any presence of water. After this, you should check for moisture appearing inside the screen. Bubbles appearing on the screen mean water has penetrated the device’s interior.

Electronic Gadgets are Unable to Charge

The main source of water penetrating the mobile phone is through the charging port. However, the headphone port is also a way of water reaching the interior. But the charging port is the largest opening. This area is immediately damaged by water, and the phone will be unable to charge.

Looking for Signs in the Liquids Damage Indicator

When you open the mobile casing, you will notice a colored strip known as Liquid Damage Indicator. If the water damage is severe, the white strip will change color to pink, red, maroon, or purple. Sometimes this piece of the strip is present in the SIM card slot.

Crucial Tips by Experts at Computer Store in East Peoria

When new cell phone users come to stores, sometimes the damage has become so intense that repairs become difficult. The technicians advise some tips; so that the mobile users can minimize the damage when they bring the devices to the repair stores.

Immediately Turn the Device Off

Mobile users don’t switch off the devices when they take them out of the water on many occasions. This will cause more damage because the functions are still running. The device users have to turn off the cell phones to avoid further damage immediately.

Removing all Accessories is Vital

Another important tip that mechanics at repair stores like Fix My Gadget advise is to remove all the accessories like headphones, SIM and memory cards, and batteries; memory and SIM cards have important data that you don’t need to lose.

Make Efforts to Dry Out Gadgets

Covers of some devices are easy to open, so if you have this type of device, then open it and, by using a towel or cotton cloth, dry out the phone. Sometimes sponge is also effective in drying the water inside the device.

Switch the Mobile Device on

Some people will not recommend switching the device on because it might not turn on. But this is the main reason for turning on the device to check the intensity of the damage. Sometimes the device is working, but the charging is having problems.

Visit the Electronic Repair Shop in Peoria

Many individuals think that if the device is running despite falling into the water, they are mistaken. The more delay you will do in not taking the device to repair stores, it will become more difficult to revive it from the water damage.

Use Right Things to Dry the Device

Mobile technicians have not advised the use of rice to dry up the device. Some things that can be used to dry the cell phone include cotton clothes, towels, sponges, and silica gels.

These are the three indicators and the tips suggested by technicians at stores doing cell phones repair in Peoria that clients follow when the device experiences damage by water.

Here are three questions that will help further understand cell phone damage by water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can phones with water damage be fixed?

Yes, the damage from water can be fixed at stores for cell phones repair in Peoria. An important point to note is that if the damage is intense and you don’t take the device immediately to the repair shop, then the damage might be irreversible.

What are signs of water damage on a phone?

The major signs of water damage to the phone include the liquid damage indicator changing color, the device doesn’t charge, the presence of moisture on the screen, and sounds from the device being distorted.

How long does a phone need to dry?

Under normal circumstances, the device takes almost a whole day to dry up. But this duration can differ according to the penetration level of water in the device.