Tips and Techniques for Effective Workplace Sanitization

Tips and Techniques for Effective Workplace Sanitization

Did you know that 90% of people in the United States have gone to work while they were sick?

Important deadlines and staffing shortages can make people head to the office and ignore their sniffles or cough.

If you want to protect your team from bacteria and illness, the best way to prevent them is with disinfectants. 

Continue reading to discover some of the best sanitization techniques and tips that will keep your office clean! 

Hit the Hot Spots

One of the best tips for office sanitization is to hit the hot spots throughout the day.

Hot spots are items and areas that deal with heavy foot traffic. These places get touched by multiple people all day long. Examples of hot spots include light switches, doorknobs, and shared office equipment. 

You should hire a company or have members of staff take turns sanitizing these locations and items every couple of hours. If that is too time-consuming, you should at least aim to sanitize these spots at the end of the day. 

Wipe with Water & Soap 

Did you know that items can build up with bacteria and dust at a faster rate after you clean them?

Cleaning disinfectants and soaps can leave residue on surfaces. This residue will attract bacteria and dust which makes it dirty at a faster rate. Wiping down surfaces with diluted soapy water and then again with water can make your cleaning more effective.

The soap will help cut through grease and dirt, making the spaces clean. After you get these tops layers off, you should then wipe the objects down with a wet rag to pick up the remainder of the soap and dirt. 

Warm water is recommended because it cleans more efficiently and isn’t as harsh on your hands. 

Hire Professionals

Since the pandemic, companies have been hiring cleaning services for office sanitization. 

Professional cleaners are great to have because they can supplement the daily cleaning that staff is completing. They will be able to thoroughly disinfect surfaces and get to the deeper cleaning. Make sure that you hire a cleaning company that offers commercial services. 

Residential cleaners are effective with cleaning, however, they typically have smaller teams and can’t get as much done. You should find an Office Cleaning Service if you want to ensure the safety of your staff.

Encourage Healthy Hygiene 

The best way to prevent germs from spreading around the office is to practice healthy hygiene.

Good hygiene can keep others safe if people are washing their hands with soap regularly and avoid touching their faces. Staff should be encouraged to wash their hands for a minute or two, rubbing the soap all over the surface. Make sure that there is always soap stocked in the bathrooms, in the kitchen, and in break areas.

If everyone is doing their part and washing their hands, they are less likely to bring in bacteria from their homes or personal lives. You should also advise your staff that they shouldn’t touch their faces. Even if you wash your hands, there might still be bacteria that you can put directly to your mouth and nose, risking illness. 

Improve the Air Quality

An effective workplace will monitor the quality of the air in the office.

When vents and filters aren’t cleaned or replaced on time, they can hold dust and bacteria. This can become a problem because it increases the risk of catching fire and spreading illness to every inch of the office. 

If it has been a while, hire a company to clean out your vents and air filters so that they can work efficiently. A full filter won’t be able to catch as much dust or bacteria and the pores get clogged, limiting airflow.

It is also a good idea to open the doors and windows at work to let in the fresh air. This is easy to do on nice days, but you should also do it in the summer and winter.  

Track Cleaning 

It is hard enough to keep track of your cleaning schedule at home, let alone your schedule at the office.

To keep the office sanitized, you will want to track your progress so that you know what is getting done. Write down a list of your cleaning tasks and have employees fill it out when the task is complete. This is a great way to show employees and customers your cleaning efforts, which will help make them feel comfortable. 

Tracking cleaning tasks is also recommended so that each person can be held accountable. If cleaning tasks aren’t getting done, it will be easier to track who was responsible. 

Set Safety Guidelines

If you want to increase reliability at your company, in regards to sanitization, you should set safety guidelines.

As a business owner, you need to set clear guidelines for your staff. You should specify your expectations for good hygiene and safe health practices. Employees should know the consequences of coming into work sick or spreading germs around the office. 

Take time to educate your staff about good cleaning practices and how to avoid getting sick. 

Improve Office Sanitization with These Tips

When it comes to sanitization in the office, you can’t be too cautious. 

If you want to keep your team and consumers safe, you need to take cleaning seriously. Cleaning up hot spots throughout the day can help reduce the risk of spreading bacteria or dirt. You should also consider hiring a company if you can’t keep up with the demands of cleaning or want to supplement your efforts. 

Soap and water are two of the best cleaning products that you can use and don’t cost much. Take advantage of how effective they are to cut back on cleaning costs. 

Be sure to check out our blog for tips and techniques for keeping the office safe and clean at all times!