Three Main Factors To Look For in an EDC Knife


For first-time knife buyers, you may have come across the term EDC when talking about knives and tools at some point. And you might be wondering what it really is and why there are states that legally allow carrying an EDC pocket knife. Well, for one thing, an EDC knife is not a weapon, it is used mainly to perform tasks that require the performance of a sharp blade such as, cutting tags or opening packages and big boxes that are perfectly sealed. Basically, an EDC knife’s job is to make your life easier when it comes to everyday tasks that involve a perfectly good pocket knife. Hence the name, Everyday Carry or EDC.

These knives are perfect to go with your other everyday carry objects such as wallet, pens, keys, watch, or glasses (if you’re wearing one). They are relatively small, lightweight, and compact. You can always put them in your pocket or inside a fanny pack and pull them out rather quickly if the need arises. EDC knives are also a highly practical tool to use for virtually everything that requires quick opening or tearing. If you’re looking for EDC knives for sale, note that they come in highly durable materials and yet tend to be exceptionally lightweight. Choosing the perfect one for you can be tricky. Below are the key factors to consider when looking for this kind of knife.

Size and Weight
The better option for a compact EDC is the one with a folding blade. This way you won’t need the extra weight of a sheath. Also, when you opt for a folding knife, you’ll appreciate its exterior dimensions when it is in closed disposition. You will see how amazing it is that a very tiny object can do a lot of things for you. Typically, a pocket knife will only require a 3 inches blade, anything bigger and longer might be illegal to carry around in public places or at work. But if you insist on carrying more than the allowed size of this blade, you’ll need to apply for a concealed carry permit to do that. As mentioned above, an EDC knife is on the lightweight side that’s why it is so much easier to just put them right into your pocket every day. Anything heavier will ultimately defeat the purpose of the knife as it can become gradually inconvenient to carry 12 hours daily.

Once you find a cool selection of EDC knives for sale that come with pocket clips or other in-pocket carry options, be sure to choose one that is made of quality steel. Steel varies based on its composition which impacts its strength, cost, corrosion resistance, and edge retention. While all knives are made from steel, there are just a few other types that are much better than some. Whether it is non-stainless steel, stainless steel, or Damascus steel, it is better to do intensive research as to which one you like best or the one that works best according to your needs.

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