Things You Can Do In Mississauga


Mississauga is a city and regional municipality in Peel, Ontario, Canada. It is located near the western extremity of Lake Ontario, southwest of Toronto. It is a residential suburb of Toronto and an important industrial center in its own right. Aircraft, engines and turbines, motor vehicles, chemicals and medicines, petroleum, rubber and steel goods, building materials and equipment, plastics, cement, home appliances, and printed material are all manufactured by the company. The city has a port and is accessible through major expressways and railway lines. It also houses Toronto International Airport, Canada’s busiest airport. Mississauga is a 30-minute drive from downtown Toronto, near Niagara Falls and other day excursions, and is less than 90 minutes from the US border. Mississauga provides something for everyone with so much to see and do! Come over and see for yourself.

Top Five Things you can do in Mississauga

  1. Visit Port Credits Port Credit is located on Lake Ontario, at the southern end of Mississauga. If you want to be near the ocean, head to this lively region, which was formerly its tiny city before the merger. Head to the marina area and reserve a table at Snug Harbor for eating on the sea. Numerous walking routes along the coastline, and Port Credit is home to some of Mississauga’s most incredible parks. A stroll down the main street will reveal a range of unusual retail establishments and eateries, some with rooftop terraces. Walk over the bridge from downtown to see the lighthouse and maybe get a coffee at Starbucks.
  1. Shop at Square One Mall Square One, one of Canada’s earliest large-scale malls, has been operating for over 50 years. Inside, 330 stores from all over the retail spectrum compete for your money. The mall has undergone extensive modifications to improve the retail experience. High ceilings with skylights, increased parking choices, and a new seating area dubbed the Food District are among the enhancements. It is also one of Canada’s largest shopping malls.
  1. Enjoy Beaches and Picnics at Jack Darling Memorial Park When it comes to popular parks in Mississauga, Jack Darling Memorial Park is towards the top of the list. This vast park, located on Lake Ontario, provides something for everyone. It’s the ideal location for an in-town family get-together, with one of Mississauga’s most incredible beaches, tennis courts, a splash pad, playgrounds, and group picnic areas. The toboggan hill is one of the tallest in the city in the winter. The park is also popular with dog owners; its vast dog run is one of the greatest in Ontario, replete with sandy parts, bushes, and wide-open spaces for Fido to chase all their new best friends. There are also specialized vets in Mississauga to whom you can talk about your pet’s health. 
  1. Rattray Marsh, One of Mississauga’s secret nature spots, is undoubtedly worth exploring. This magnificent marsh, located in the southwestern portion of the city bordering Lake Ontario, is a popular place for animal viewing. Stroll the broad boardwalks and stop at the high observation platforms to see if you can spot a green heron, a wood-warbler, or just turtles sunning themselves on a half-submerged log. The park is delightful in early April, when the symphony of spring peeper frogs may be nearly deafening. Make your way down to the shore to see the distinctive beach made up of spherical rocks of various colors. Access is simple by strolling in from neighboring Jack Darling Park, which has plenty of parking and restrooms.
  1. Kariya Park Kariya Gardens is one of Mississauga’s most tranquil and calm parks. The park, named after Mississauga’s Japanese sister city, has gardens with curving walkways that go around water features crossed by arched wooden bridges. Aside from the natural characteristics, the park also boasts a big “Friendship Bell” in a massive wooden pavilion. The garden explodes with pink blooms when the cherry trees bloom in the spring. A Zen Garden is nearby for people seeking calm contemplation.

It’s the ideal location for an in-town family get-together, with tennis courts, a splash pad, playgrounds, and group picnic areas. The park is also popular with dog owners, with a vast dog run replete with sandy parts, bushes, and wide-open spaces for Fido to chase all his best friends. One of Mississauga’s secret nature spots, Rattray Marsh, is undoubtedly worth exploring.