Things that Contractors Won’t Tell you: An Insider’s Guide


Summer is just around the corner, and it is about time that you perform repairs at home. The sun’s up, and heat is sufficient, so this season allows you to finish your home improvement and construction project right away. 

Finishing any job fast is a breath of fresh air. So jump into today’s article guiding you on how to talk to your concrete contractors Las Vegas when flooring repairs and other renovations begin at home. 

Homeowners might usually leave everything to a contractor’s hands. Most of the time, one will leave things unnoticed. And when someone else is working for you, some things are not communicated well. These mishaps cause trouble, misunderstanding, and underestimation of your project requirements. Avoid this. 

Read on to gain a new set of knowledge managing your home improvement projects.

What does a concrete contractor do?

One of the in-demand services among residences is a flooring contractor. A contractor is like a project manager. However, they don’t just manage and oversee things. Contractors supply the equipment, tools, materials, and labor. 

Imagine, you need to finish your project in a given time. The next thing you sought out is people to help you, suppliers to provide you with materials, and another company that provides equipment. Contractors worry about these things for you.

Licensed contractors hire skilled people and have them sign an agreement for protection. For example, if a worker suddenly met with an accident while doing the work, you will not have to worry about shouldering fees to treat the worker. A licensed contractor got you covered.

What questions should I ask a concrete contractor?

Asking the right questions is key to successful bidding or negotiation with a contractor. 

Some things are necessary for you to know. But, some professionals cannot tell you all unless you ask them. They already got the plans listed on their mind, and all they care about now is the execution of projects. If there are things you need to know, you have to ask. 

So, here are some of the questions to help you talk and successfully hire someone for repairs and maintenance to your concrete floors. 

1- What is the schedule of the project?

Schedule means the timeframe. You must get precise details on the starting date and time of the project and the finishing date.

As a homeowner, sometimes you have already estimated the time on your mind. That can be a wild guess. 

Don’t worry. You can tell your expected timeframe to a licensed contractor. 

By doing this, the contractor can explain to you already the process that will happen. The number of people that can finish the job on time. Once the schedule is given, all the details will follow. Then this detail will help you sort out the following questions to ask even if you do not know or it is your first time to repair your concrete floors.

2- What is the process involved?

Maybe asking this question makes you feel like a know-it-all. But that is the exact opposite. As the home or property owner, you also need to understand the process at least.

What takes place on the job?

Do you need floor preparation? Does it only require floor concrete floor resurfacing? 

3- How many people have to work or who are expected to be on the site?

This next question is important to ask. First, it already sets the authority to know who goes in and out of your properties as the owner. Even if you only have concrete resurfacing to your patios, pool decks for backyards. You still need to know the workers that come within your estate. A Las Vegas pool repair team, for example, will tell the owner the time of day if electricians will visit to check and repair pool pumps.

The important thing is you know the people who are involved in the project daily.

Also, knowing the number of required labor will help declare exact fees. Say your contractor hired four installers, but you need four people to perform four different roles: installer, material loader, supplier, finisher, etc. 

You may be surprised that four installers came with the other three to perform the other jobs. This has to be clear to both you and your contractor. If you agree to pay only four people, then that has to end there.

4- How can you protect the surrounding properties?

Take note of this fourth question. This is one of those most overlooked factors. But when it comes to protecting your property, you, the owner, should initiate the question. 

The truth is, your contractor will not mind if you ask them to apply some security scheme while they do their job. As contractors, they will set up the working area and set up materials to secure the surroundings. They do well know that concrete debris may suddenly fly when concrete grinding takes place. 

Although it’s part of the contractors having the owner emphasize it will breathe success.

The Advantages of Hiring and Talking to a Professional Contractor

Now take a look at the good things that come when you work successfully with licensed contractors.

Making Proper Assessments

Contractors assess, not assume. They evaluate the true conditions of the floors. Unlike when an ordinary Joe or Karen looks at the damages on the concrete floors, most of the time, they’ll only assume. 

For example, you see thin hair crack. These are common to concrete floors making a familiar scene that gets undermined. Unknowingly these cracks are beginning to cause more significant issues on the slabs of the flooring. 

Probably, as the owner who can DIY to save the budget, may only apply concrete glue or sealer to cover up the cracks. But when an expert on concrete floors looks at it, they say it’s a sign of slabs deteriorating. 

Decide if you will save your budget or save the floors? The flooring contractor, of course, saves the floors.

Up-to-date Contractors Uplifts

Only the contractors who are licensed and certified stay up to date with flooring trends in the market. They never fail to offer the best product, modern styles, and newest innovations to their clients. 

As a client or a homeowner, sometimes your options may change. You may opt for classic designs, but they may offer you something trendy when you ask for knowledgeable contracts. How about sustainable floors or combinations of materials? A contractor will give you options beyond what you already know when they are up-to-date.

Nothing beats your property’s aesthetic when you use updated designs.


Finally, you will be surprised when you have already talked to a contractor. One thing that makes them distinct from other non-professionals is their precision. Being precise does not only apply to installing the materials. 
Consider the costs. Talking to pro gives you a precise cost estimate. For instance, you want pool repairs. You can check from online estimations the pool deck resurfacing cost. The certified contractor won’t lie to you and will give you the same forecast.