There Are Various Forms of Present Clairvoyant Visions

Present Clairvoyant Visions
A graphic illustration of hands surrounding a crystal ball with a germ illustration on the inside

You can have different types of clairvoyant visions as you learn telepathy. Not everyone may have the same types of clairvoyant visions and some may only have one or two types.

The following will explore the different types of clairvoyant visions you may have.

Current clairvoyant visions

These visions are based on things that are happening right now, but cannot be seen using the normal five senses of clairvoyance.

A clairvoyant vision may allow you to witness something take place in another country that would be impossible to know except through your own clairvoyance.

The clairvoyant vision can be viewed simultaneously with its occurrence.

Another form of clairvoyant vision is the ability to see the human aura. As you learn telepathy, this will become more and more easy to do.

Being able to see the human aura will assist you in understanding the moods and general health of those who are around you.

A clairvoyant will see the human aura as being made of all the colors of the rainbow.

It appears around a person’s body at about a height of three to four feet. The human aura appears denser closer to the body, becoming lighter as you move away from it.

Clarity will also allow a clairvoyant to observe the human aura as it swirls and shoots off what appears to be sun flares, releasing small, glistening particles of light.

An additional type of human aura is the prana aura. This aura is most easily seen by a beginner interested in learning telepathy and developing clairvoyance.

It is a clear, classy color aura that has hair-like lines. Lines like these can indicate a person’s health very easily; if they are twisted, matted, or curled, that person is not in good health.

The lines should remain straight and be flexible like those of a toothbrush.

Look about an inch around the person’s body and squint your eyes slightly to see the prana aura.

You might want to experiment with different backgrounds, usually a dark background will make the prana aura pop out more.

Thought forms

Telepathy may also be experienced in the form of thought forms when you learn it.There is a thought form when there is an emotion paired with a strong thought.

This thought takes on an actual form. It is possible to see thoughts in a variety of shapes and forms with clairvoyant vision.

The shape can take the form of waves, rings, exploding bombs, some can wiggle all around, others can resemble steam shooting out of a kettle, and still others can take the form of a corkscrew.

Although there are many other shapes that thought can take, we think you get the idea.

An X-ray

X-ray X-ray vision allows a person to see behind walls, inside sealed boxes, and essentially through or around solid objects. types of Mineral deposits below the earth’s surface can be located using this type of clairvoyant vision. Mining companies employ clairvoyants for this exact purpose.


Microscopically clairvoyant vision is the ability to see and magnify particles of the tiniest size.

Clairvoyant vision enables a person to see inside the structure of an atom or even smaller particles.

It is also possible to see electricity and magnetic fields using this type of clairvoyance. One of the highest levels and most difficult to attain in today’s clairvoyant world is microscopic vision.