The World is in Need of Revival Again

World is in Need of Revival

Cooke Revivals


(New Bern, NC, 12/17/2022) Look at where the world is going today, and we can’t look up to other effective solutions than those already tried, tested, and blessed. The world is in desperate need of spiritual revival. Situations around us reveal the urgent need to find hope and healing in Jesus Christ. Prophet Tracy Cooke, along with Pastor Michael, has stepped forward to answer this call by laying down the foundations of ‘Cooke Revivals.’

Prophet Tracy Cooke, Prophet and President of Cooke Revivals Ministries since 2009, conducted his first preaching session with Pastor Michael under the tent along with a handful of God-fearing men, and despite the obstacles in life, he continued to lead his mission as the ultimate source for reconciliation, healing, and evangelism around the USA. Prophet Tracy Cookie asserts that there is a spiritual solution to our troubles. We need to pray more than ever for our nation. He also founded Elisha Training Center in order to share the messages of the Gospel with the lost in a way that has never been done before. More people need to learn about Jesus and the promises of fruition Jesus has made. He thinks that this is the right time to rekindle the revivalist fire in America since the individuals in this country are in urgent need of God’s presence and righteousness. This is the perfect time to expect Him to pour out His power and healing. He thinks that our generation is eager and ready for a Holy Spirit revival!

Prophet Tracy Cooke said,

God is the solution for everything we go through in life, even loneliness. Draw close to Him, and watch Him comfort you, today and always. Not just an emotional experience and not just a tingle down the backbone. We need to see God work because our nation needs it like never before.

In addition to the revivals, Cooke Revivals’ ministry exhorts all districts, congregations, churches, schools, organizations, ministries, and people to invest more time in prayer, discernment, evangelism, and relationship-building. A rising number of materials are promoted by the Prophetic School’s “Elisha Training Center” as a result of Prophet Michael’s recent emphasis on the Way of Love framework for Christian formation and discipleship. By giving funds to initiatives that will spread the Gospel in fresh and exciting ways and by assisting grantees in becoming innovative evangelists, Prophet Tracy Cooke encourages innovative evangelism. The ministry at Cooke Revivals has visited over 50 states for the last two years and is now pleased to announce the inauguration of a revival conference internationally in the upcoming year 2023. The unprecedented, unparalleled conference will feature Prophet Tracy Cooke himself, along with other worship leaders at the ministry. The President at Cooke Revivals claim their progress to be the work of the Holy Spirit to bring about revival; we cannot do it on our own. God has the responsibility for revival. God does this for us. These individuals are evangelizing for God. They believe it is their duty to share the Gospel. Christ has given them the capacity to travel the world and share the Good News.

This is your chance to revive your spirit. Take your first step towards healing NOW!