The web design as a highly efficient hunter

web design as a highly efficient hunter

The ultimate purpose of any web design is to convert a visitor into a buyer and generate revenue. If the website is not able to fulfill this purpose, its existence is meaningless.

Some of the most important factors that influence the conversion of a visitor into a buyer are the following.

Visual content:

Since time immemorial, people buy what is beautiful. In the virtual world of the Internet, textual content is not enough to convince the buyer. The buyer will buy the product only if he sees it either in person or on a photo. The web designer must illustrate the offered product with images, animations and videos. If the website offers children’s toys, a mere textual explanation is not as effective as a colorful picture of the toy. A video of a customer’s report is far more effective than its textual representation. Best Web Development Agency in New York


The web design should be such that the visitor not only finds the website appealing, but also can download it quickly. If proper technology is not used for embedding the images on the website, the website usually becomes heavy and the loading time increases. This can be detrimental to the business. The web design should be downloadable as quickly as possible.


The layout of the web pages should be such that the final pages can be reached in as few clicks as possible. If the layout is confusing, the visitor may not find what they are looking for even though it is offered on the website. Nowadays, most websites have a link to the site map from every page of the website. This is to make navigation easier and make things simple for the visitor.

Search engine friendly:

The visual content, including images, videos and animations, is necessary to convert the visitor into a buyer, but at the same time, it is only effective when the visitor clicks on the website URL. The best way to get the visitor to click on the website is through search engine optimization strategies. The aim of these strategies is to make the website appear on the top of the search engine list. Some of the key factors that influence search engine optimization are keywords, links, loading speed, easy navigation and regular updating.


The web design should not be rigid but a little flexible so that it can be easily updated. If a new product or service range is added to the list of offerings or a testimonial is to be embedded on a rigid website, it becomes difficult or almost impossible to update. Updating the website on a regular basis helps to improve the rank in the search engine listings.

The web design must be both user-friendly and search engine friendly to reach its full potential. Contact a professional Digital Marketing Agency in USA to get an optimally functioning website.