The Ultimate Guide to “I’m Bored” by William D King


Are you bored? Of course not! You’re too busy on the internet for that. And if you ARE bored, you’re not reading this article so you can stop NOW.

But if you ARE bored, even for a short time, and the only thing stopping you from doing anything is lack of ideas on what to do… well… we’re here to help! With just a few clicks you’ll be able to find all sorts of interesting things that can kill your boredom no matter how long that feeling lasts.

Of course some suggestions may not sound as good as others but keep in mind: if it’s online and it exists, there’s surely something out there about it somewhere on this big wonderful world of ours; or maybe even on sites like YouTube or Vimeo if it’s not too extreme (or maybe too extreme…)

So jump right in and discover tons of new ways to deal with boredom to keep your life full of new experiences and happy memories!

On the Internet… Nothing is Impossible!

Are you looking for ideas on how to cure your boredom? Well, this article won’t provide any examples but it will point you towards plenty of useful links that will help you get started curing YOURSELF! The first step to forgetting our boredom is sometimes just remembering it’s there at all. After all, if we take the time to actively think about what we are doing right now, chances are high that activity suddenly doesn’t feel so boring anymore even if no actual cure was applied. That’s why cures for boredom don’t always have to be fun or exciting; sometimes they can simply remind us that life isn’t always this boring. Once we feel that, our thoughts will take over and start providing us with all sorts of ideas on what to do next, just like this article does right now!

If you’re having trouble finding something to cure your boredom check out the list below for some interesting stuff that’s just a few clicks away:

Learn Something New

As per William D King the first step towards curing boredom is finding new materials to feed our minds with. That doesn’t necessarily mean reading an entire book – Wikipedia offers thousands of articles about subjects ranging from seemingly minor curiosities to detailed encyclopedic topics so there’s plenty of material there to read, always growing longer as time goes by. You can also find free online lectures at places like Coursera or iTunesU where you can learn about things you’ve always wanted to without even leaving your browser!

This is a list of some popular sources for knowledge on the internet:

Wikpedia has over 4.4 million articles in English alone, more than 20 times larger than any other encyclopedia before it. And if that’s not enough there are over 9 million articles in total already with thousands being added every day! You can find anything from random trivia to detailed scientific entries here and Wikipedia’s content quality control system ensures that everything is properly referenced so you know it actually exists out there somewhere…

YouTube –

one of the most popular websites on the planet, YouTube offers loads of video lectures or tutorials on almost any topic imaginable so if you’re having trouble finding something to learn about just type in any subject you have an interest about and chances are there will be something interesting for you!

Coursera –

One of the biggest online education sites around, Coursera offers MOOCs (massive open online courses) on hundreds of different subjects that can teach you anything from programming languages to cooking skills.

iTunesU –

Apple’s educational site allows access to loads of free lectures directly from your browser so if you’re looking for a specific lecture or professor’s material this is probably your best bet. There are also lots of other materials available but unfortunately none are guaranteed to be free…

TED Talks –

Brief lectures by various experts on all sorts of topics, each lasting only minutes long but filled with information that can captivate your attention for hours. TED is a nonprofit organization that aims to spread ideas around the globe and has already reached more than 1 billion people through their talks!

And last but not least, Google it –

If you can’t find anything about what you’re looking for on one of those sites there’s still hope as lots of useful material is buried deep within other websites or even in forums so if all else fails, try searching Google directly and see what comes up!

Listening To Music:     

Listening to music is one of the most popular cures for boredom and chances are if you’re reading this article right now you’re doing just that. But have you ever stopped to wonder why? After all, while music can be nice to listen to while doing other things it does require some attention so why do we keep turning to it when we need something to occupy our minds?

Conclusion by William D King:  

Well, there are probably several reasons behind this phenomenon but one of the most obvious is that music has a way of flowing through our heads without us even trying to listen, creating all sorts of mental images and ideas that can inspire us to do something or just keep our train of thought focused on something other than what we’re doing right now. So if you’re having trouble finding something to do try putting some music on and getting lost in your own imagination for a little while! If you enjoyed the article please feel free to share it with your friends using the buttons below – thanks for reading!