The top tier QB in the franchise mode and MUT in Madden 22


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Jalen Hurts: 71 OVR (Philadelphia Eagles, NFC East)

Now without the influence of Carson Wentz, the damage should take a leap forward after last season. His speed (87) and agility (88) ratings are top notch, but don’t ignore his throwing ability (85) and good accuracy data (84 short, 79 medium, 79 deep). This should allow you to make powerful, fairly accurate throws with Hurts, especially when running. His stats in the game should improve, as he has consolidated his (hopefully) position as a Philadelphia starter in the next few years. He will definitely become their main fulcrum for the 2021 season and Madden 22 offense.

Tua Tagovailo 73 OVR

Another now firmly established as a starter, Tagovayloa is seeking to regain the magic of his college days. Although his speed (82) and agility (79) are slightly lower than Hurts, Tagovailoa’s passing rate is higher, his throwing ability is 88, and his accuracy is 86, 80 and 81. He also has better consciousness (76), which should help him avoid big hits in the game. Another noteworthy aspect of Tagovailoa is that he is a left-handed QB. This means that if you use Tagovailoa in Franchise or MUT, you should make sure that he is well protected on the blind side on the right side of the offensive line, not the traditional left side.

Jamies Winston 73 OVR

After Drew Bliss retired into the starting position, Jermes Winston may still be remembered for having 33 touchdowns and 30 interceptions instead of being one of the best quarterbacks in college football history. If you like long passes, Winston is for you. His throwing ability is 90, and his accuracy is comparable to Tagovailoa (85/79/82). With the offensive weapons and speed in the New Orleans lineup, deep passing is only one aspect of the game.