The Top 8 Artificial Intelligence Startup Ideas for 2022

artificial intelligence

Startups in the field of artificial intelligence have been expanding over the past few years. This relatively new technology has applications across a wide range of industries.

There are numerous advantages for AI businesses if you’re wondering. AI software has a lower error rate than computations made by human counterparts. Such software has a remarkable capacity for accuracy, speed, and precision.

This article explains the top AI startup ideas for 2022 and how machine learning and AI are already being used in startups.

Top Eight Ways AI Is Used in Startups in 2022

  • AI in Healthcare Startups

Healthcare is one sector where AI-controlled solutions are thriving. Modern healthcare AI systems can assist doctors in making diagnoses. AI models can also identify when patients are worsening. In this manner, medical treatment can start before the patient ever needs to be admitted to the hospital.

As a result, people can expect to live longer on average. Some illnesses and ailments that were once lethal are now rarely fatal. 

Healthcare AI startup systems and solutions can reduce expenses. They can also improve patient care. Human lives can be saved by machine learning in places like hospitals, clinics, and private medical offices.

AI can predict renal disease. Acute kidney damage (AKI) can be difficult for medical professionals to recognize, yet it can cause patients to rapidly deteriorate and endanger their lives. AI can help with the early detection and treatment of these instances. This can significantly reduce the need for lifelong therapy and the expense of kidney dialysis because an estimated 11% of hospital deaths are the result of a failure to identify and treat patients.

  • AI in Logistics Startup

The supply and logistics industries are home to some of the best machine learning startups. One of the main issues facing supply chain management, which is a growing business, is the cost of gasoline and transportation.

Free delivery is more in demand at the same time. As a result, businesses must find creative ways to save expenses while still satisfying client demand.

A company’s complete supply chain can be managed by an AI-driven supply chain manager. The AI can keep track of new orders and connect them with the current infrastructure.

Previous data on the company can be gathered. Then ML algorithms can be trained on data to aid price optimization. These ML models can then be stored in model registries before  Model deployment is done. It can also include services from third parties. This guarantees that everything is handled and optimized to boost efficiency. The ML model helps lower costs, from the warehouse to the client.

  • AI in Marketing Startup

The marketing sector is a difficult and sophisticated one. Acquiring experience and knowledge takes a lot of time and work. This aids marketers in giving their customers the best return on investment possible.

An AI-driven system can accurately assess marketing performance. It does this with the help of sophisticated data and its cumulative expertise. This means that such a system may guarantee minimum performance to potential customers. This gives the business a sizable competitive advantage in the marketing industry.

You may create a more successful marketing strategy for your business using AI’s data-driven research. By analyzing data, enhancing user experience, and supplying consumers with what they need, AI can forecast target customers’ purchasing behavior and choice with great accuracy.

AI can serve as a virtual assistant to suggest things the customer would like. The kinds of items consumers desire and like, as well as the prices they are ready to pay for them, are regularly hinted at by them. Smart shops can gather this data from sources like integrated platforms and IoT devices.

To make purchasing as simple and individualized as possible, they can also incorporate AI and deep learning.

  • AI in Entertainment Startups

You might also want to look into startup AI businesses in the entertainment sector. Apps with speech and image recognition that are supported by recreational AI are spreading more widely.

The use of ML to create chatbots and more sophisticated voice assistant functions has also gained popularity. These AI firms were formerly seen as unusual, but they are now appearing more frequently.

Conversation interfaces powered by AI can assist in resolving your most important queries. Users of such an app might receive assistance from hotel concierge services or information about things that are for sale.

  • Artificial Intelligence in Customer Service

Because of the growing popularity of working from home, there is an increased need for virtual assistants. Due to the low costs, starting a virtual assistant business is rather simple. The functionality of the application can be designed using just a solid AI algorithm. Advanced AI, RPA, NLP, and machine learning are frequently used by virtual assistants to build data models.

AI in the Cyber Security Business

Online data indicates that from 2022 to 2027, the global market for AI in cybersecurity is predicted to increase at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 23.6 percent, reaching $46.3 billion.

An alternative route may be to launch an AI startup for security-related technology. Many businesses are allocating financial resources to leveraging AI and machine learning startups for IT solutions, network infrastructure, and security at the beginning of this new decade.

AI may automatically search for anomalies that point to the imminence of a physical threat to a secure place. Costly data breaches will decline as a result. Both cybersecurity and more conventional security can benefit from the usage of AI and ML.

Applications using AI and ML can forecast the locations of software vulnerabilities with a high degree of accuracy. Then, businesses can strengthen these flaws before hackers exploit them.

Investment opportunities frequently appear during the initial phase of AI. You might benefit greatly from entering the artificial intelligence and cybersecurity markets early.

  • AI in Energy and Cost-Saving Startups

AI startups that will lower energy consumption and drilling operation costs are another good startup idea.

Transporting crude oil, moving natural gas, and storing and refining oil all have problems that keep coming up.

Oil and gas companies use AI to drill and mine the unprocessed hydrocarbons and other goods needed to make gasoline. AI assists these businesses by creating algorithms that deliver precise and accurate intelligence to direct drills on both land and water. Precision drilling increases penetration rate while lowering the danger of mishaps, fires, and oil spills.

Making sense of vast amounts of energy-related data is becoming increasingly important, thanks in large part to AI, especially machine learning. To make forecasts about prospective outages and equipment breakdowns and run energy organizations more effectively and efficiently, AI-enhanced software platforms and smart tools may delve into energy data.

Now, solitary mixing actions can use AI technologies to learn and forecast the future energy load at granular levels. This creates a wide range of chances to cut expenses and waste.

  • AI in eLearning startups

eLearning is the focus of some of the leading AI startups. Based on individualized lesson plans, AI can teach people just as quickly as it can learn new things. People are known to learn more effectively and more quickly when they are taught according to their skills and traits.

AI has a bigger impact on education than we realize. With an increasing focus on higher education quality, more than 50% of schools and colleges use AI for administrative support.

Through testing, an AI program can decide how to create individualized lesson plans. This will enable people to work in a variety of positions while improving at each one.

There aren’t enough human teachers in certain places to teach children who are lagging in their academics. Personalized learning will be shown by AI entrepreneurs in a variety of contexts. AI can help people get ready for the obstacles that are now holding them back. It does this by determining the learning method that works best for each particular student.


You can easily see how AI might be useful when starting from scratch with your startup, according to Chiang Rai Times.

Automation and AI-driven technologies are currently very popular, and if used properly, they may be very beneficial for business owners. Whatever industry you choose, this list of AI/ML businesses will undoubtedly aid in the expansion of your company.