The Top 5 Office Chairs for the Ultimate Work-From-Home Space


A high-quality home office chair is the best investment you can ever make for yourself. It’s like sitting in a first-class seat, with all the back and body support to handle those hard hours at work. But how do you find the superior seat? The key is to focus on these three important factors: comfort, durability, and back support.

To save you the trouble of testing the hundreds of office chairs out there, check out our handy guide of the top five chairs that will make your work-from-home space less stressful on your body and more productive.

Leap Chair by Steelcase

Steelcase chairs are known for their adjustable, ergonomic design, which is why they are a great place to begin when you start setting up your work-from-home space. These chairs have a flexible backrest design that changes shape according to your position. This feature keeps pressure off your spine so you don’t hunch over and weaken your disc walls.

Key Features

· Breathable design with back and seat slats

· Lower back firmness and upper back force control

· Five backstop options to set your reclining angle

· Pneumatically adjustable seat height from 15 to 20 inches off the floor

Chadwick Chair by Knoll

Named after one of America’s foremost ergonomic experts, the Chadwick chair is the perfect balance of design and efficiency. Its spring-loaded design provides natural lumbar support and air circulation with its mesh back and seat. With its clean lines, this office chair will fit right in with any modern home office space.  

Key Features

· Adjustable seat height from 15.9 to 20 inches off the floor

· Fixed arms with flexible pads

· Resilient Lycra polyester blend fabric

Liberty Office Chair by Humanscale

The Liberty Office chair is a one-of-a-kind mesh chair that fits itself to the contours of your body. Its unique triple panel back design made of Form –Sensing Mesh technology fills those tiny gaps relieving pressure points and providing complete back support. With its smart reclining counterbalance, this feature ensures total support no matter your position.

Key Features

· Contoured Seat

· No tension springs that need to be adjusted

· No recline locks need to be set

The Gesture Chair by Steelcase

The Gesture Chair addresses each aspect of the seated position with a specialized interface. The core interface follows each back and seat movement, while the limb interface follows the arms. This consistent support and comfort make it a favorite among Steelcase chairs every year.

Key Feature

· Large range of adjustments

· Weighs 55 lbs

· Modern, stylish design

Big Sur Office Chair by Era Products

The Big Sur is the office chair that will make you feel like a CEO in your home. Don’t be fooled by its fully padded design and premium leather upholstery. The Big Sur is more than a comfy office chair. It is a solid ergonomic masterpiece with a full steel frame and four-way adjustable lumbar support built on floating spring suspension.

Key Features

· Weight capacity of 500 lbs

· Built-in highly padded headrest

· 24 or 26-inch wide seat cushion


With so many office chairs out there, we hope our quick guide gave you an idea of some of the best choices out there. Hopefully, one of these can help create the work-from-home space of dreams!

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