The Recent Technological Invention


If you hark back to the time when we all were not aware of technology, or it was not a part of our life, you will realise that the world around us has drastically changed.

These changes are so conspicuous that you do not realise when they become a part of your life, and then you stop imagining your life without the use of that technology.

You can find many examples around you that show how heavily you have been relying on technology. Technology development is being staggered across all fields. The progress rate may seem to be slower, but actually, it is rapid.

There are a lot of technological innovations you must have experienced, so there is no point in talking about them. This blog discusses some technological inventions that have happened or are likely to happen down the road.

Lab-made dairy products

You must have heard about the artificial way of producing meat, but what about other animal kinds of stuff? Biotech companies are looking to find out a way to make lab-made milk, ice cream, cheese, and eggs.

Bearing the concern of raising the level of green gases, the dairy industry is largely responsible. It accounts for 4% of the world’s carbon emissions. This is why the biotech companies are looking for some ways to produce all dairy products in the lab.

According to experts, milk is not as difficult as meat to produce in the lab because you can grow it from stem cells. Most researchers are trying the process of fermentation, especially to produce milk proteins. Apart from it, they are also looking to find out a way to produce lab-made mozzarella, cheese and ice cream.

Artificial eyes

Soon the new technology will be introduced to the market that will provide an artificial sight to people with different types of vision impairment. In January this year, an Israeli surgeon successfully implanted an artificial eye into a bilaterally blind. After the surgery, the patient was able to see and read things. He recognised his family members immediately.

This kind of achievement has paved the way for medical experts from the rest world to conduct trials and do more research. Some scientists are looking for ways to develop artificial contact lenses after discovering the achievement of Belgian scientists who had made contact lenses for people with vision disorders. Scientists and experts are also working out on wireless brain implants that bypass eyes altogether.

Flying taxis

In the coming years, you will likely get relief from road congestion. You will find some space to breathe. However, the new transport hub is not associated with roads. It is rather associated with air.  Delivery drones and electric air taxis will be very common in the coming years.

It will definitely become a reality in the coming years because the UK government has already funded the first Urban Airport. Researchers are working out on this kind of technology with only one purpose: to remove the congestion on roads.

Further, if drones are used to make deliveries, companies will be able to handle more orders. Secondly, they can cut the cost and avoid green emissions. It would take some time because infrastructure needs are strengthened as far as it is about flying cars.

Separate corridors will be erected for the movement of flying cars. In the coming years, you will likely see these developments.

Smart sutures

With the help of technology, it has become easier for doctors to diagnose infection even if you do not have significant symptoms. A high school student from Ohio has developed a wonderful thing called smart sutures that aims to save a life.

He has invented sutures that change their colour from red to purple to signify that the wound is infected. This is a sort of artificial intelligence because the sutures can sense your wound’s condition and detect whether or not it is infected.

Green funerals

Sustainable living has become the priority for the world now. The representatives of different companies are working out a sustainable living style. This is why a new concept you will likely experience down the road is green funerals or, in other words, eco-friendly funerals.

Death rituals account for a big portion of carbon emissions. This new technology will require bodies to be laid in the chamber for natural decomposition.

The bottom line

Innovation in technology is perpetual, and you can see the invention in everything from the robots you use for home cleaning to ordering kiosks. People are so adapted to technological changes that they do not mind taking out online loans in Ireland. The above technological innovations are examples that prove that our world around us will keep changing. They are going to significantly change the lives that you will find it more innovative and convenient.