The Power Of Specialized Media In B2B Marketing Strategies


When it comes to B2B Marketing strategies, those who face the challenge of generating results in their marketing plans, have objectives such as positioning their brand, attracting potential customers, product / service launches, brand expansion or avocado oil suppliers and even loyalty to their users. , thanks to the dissemination of your messages. However, many initiatives fail when trying to apply the same tactics as in B2C strategies, since the approach must be different when trying to do business-to-business business.

Therein lies the importance of thinking about the specialized media as a tool, as they have captured audiences to which they are constantly talking, attacking quite specific niches.

But what exactly are specialized media? These are print media, web portals and even events that touch on highly specific topics, focused on an industry, thus representing the interests and communication and information needs of small market segments.

Let’s suppose that in your industry there is a micro-universe of 5,000 potential clients, this is a low number if the volumes that marketing campaigns usually handle are taken into account. It is then, when it becomes necessary not only to speak to them from typical Google campaigns or Social Networks, but from publications or appearances in specialized media, because in this way it is possible to directly reach the purchase decision-makers and influencers of each sector.

 What steps should I take before starting?

Before starting, it is vital to evaluate what your product or service is, who your ideal customers are, and thus be outlining the BANT , a construction of your ideal buyer in terms of budget, authority, need and time.

Carrying out a market research will allow us to understand the behavior of the target customer, what means they use to inform themselves, what type of events they prefer and how it is possible to reach them.

From there, we recommend executing an integrated marketing plan with advertising strategies in specialized media that aims to generate responses or subsequent actions from customers who are exposed to these messages. 

 A specific message for a targeted audience

By speaking to the right audience, in the ideal place and time, the results are sure to be positive.

As a mitigating factor, investments in traditional digital campaigns can be much higher than seeking collaborations with specialized media. In addition, the audiences that frequent the specialized media go in search of solving specific needs, this allows them to be much more qualified than they could be on other platforms. Think about being able to reach both influencers and purchase decision-makers through an efficient and highly conversion-oriented message.

The benefits of joining a strategy that takes into account specialized media are varied, if you think about saving money and optimizing resources. When we resort to implementing this type of promotion, we can know in advance the cost and have a clear estimate of the scope, this makes the forecast processes not so complex, in addition to dealing directly with those in charge of each medium. In addition, appearing in these media allows you to increase your visibility, which also represents creating new alliances with different businesses, all aimed at improving our products or services.

And in general terms, being in the right places helps us to be recognized as authority figures and companies on an issue, generating a strong connection between our services and a specific market.