The Outdoor Spring Cleaning

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Even the great outdoors can be more dazzling! With this simple checklist and professional cleaning suggestions by cleaning companies in London for your patio, garden, windows, garage, and more, you’ll be ready to relax and grill in no time.

Why Do You Need a Spring Cleaning Checklist?

It’s critical to set aside time each year to deep clean your home to maintain it healthy, orderly, and pleasant. The outdoor spring cleaning allows you to get rid of dust, mold, and mildew before becoming a problem.

Are you ready to get started? To renew your home this spring, take a look at each item on our spring cleaning checklist.

Outdoor Spring Cleaning Tasks

It’s easier to address a large range of duties by separating them into smaller segments, just like any spring cleaning list.

For House

Windows and screens: Washing windows and screens will give you a gleaming glimpse of spring, even if it’s still a little cold, to appreciate it as much as you’d want.

Gutters: Many homeowners clean out their rain gutters in the fall, but inspecting them again in the spring will ensure no debris accumulated over the winter storms.

Siding: To remove filth from your home’s siding, use a pressure washer. To avoid washing dirt down onto clean surfaces, begin at the highest places of your home.

Garage: Cleaning the garage will free up space for summer gear like outdoor activities, bikes, and gardening tools. It could also be an excellent opportunity to have a yard sale.

Regarding the Deck

Flooring: If you have a wood deck, look for signs of damage or decay and make any required repairs. Sweep first, then remove bacteria by scrubbing the wood with oxalic acid, and refinish the deck if necessary. Check for chips or cracks that need to be repaired on a concrete patio, and clean away any stains.

Furniture: In case your patio furniture has been exposed to the elements for the whole winter, it’ll need to be cleaned. If you instead stored it, now is the time to clean it up and return it to the patio or deck.

Grills: If you have a grill, ensure it’s connected and working properly, and observe any safety precautions. Prepare for amazing barbecues by cleaning the grills and handles, lubricating the lid, and cleaning the grills.

Lighting: If your patio area has external lighting, ensure the bulbs are securely screwed in and that all fixtures are operational. Remove any bird, mouse, or insect nests from the fixtures and clean them to make them shine as brightly as possible.

Regarding the Lawn

Litter: The first order of business is to pick up any litter and properly dispose of it. Remember to look behind shrubs, trees, and bushes, too.

Raking: Rake your lawn gently to eliminate dead grass, wake up fixed blades, and give it a boost.

Aeration: Your lawn can get compacted over time, making it harder for water and air to reach the roots of your grass, preventing lush, green growth. Consider hiring an aeration service to loosen your lawn and promote thicker, more durable grass.

Fertilizing: A spring fertilization treatment can provide a boost of nutrients to your grass, allowing it to grow stronger throughout the spring and summer. You can apply fertilizer yourself or get a quote from a lawn care provider.

Sprinklers: In case your yard has a sprinkler system, inspect the visible pipes and valves for wear and tear and test the system to ensure it is in good working order.

Regarding the Garden

Weeding: It’s much easier to get rid of weeds while they’re tiny and the soil is damp from spring rain. Consider applying weed control cloth or a tarp in your garden or flowerbeds to prevent weeds from reappearing.

Remove Plant Covers: If you use covers to protect delicate plants from frost, take them off as quickly as the threat of frost has gone.

Pruning: The spring season is ideal for pruning trees and bushes. When trimming, keep their overall size and shape, and recycle the cuttings in a brush pile for the birds or mulch or compost.

Insects: Treating your garden area and flowerbeds for insects in the spring is the best way to avoid pest problems.

Mulch: Rake the mulching in your garden and flowerbeds to bring the air closer to the soil and renew the mulch’s color.

How to Get Ready for Spring Cleaning Next Year

We propose creating a regular cleaning regimen to make next year’s spring cleaning a little easier. Contact your local cleaning company London for excellent cleaning services, whether you’re spring cleaning or preparing for company. If you require assistance, keep in mind that hello cleaners offer various cleaning services.