The most popular site to blog about your daily life


As blogger who writes about everything from tech to sports to travel and food it’s essential to find the perfect blog platform that allows me to communicate my thoughts to the world. One of my most favorite blog platforms can be found on Vanshil Parikh Blog.

Why you should be blogging

It can be difficult to keep track of all your most loved things. One of the advantages of blogging is that it allows you to bookmark and categorize anything you like by simply placing it in the appropriate category or by tagging it! There’s no better way to track the little things that aren’t enough to be a complete project, yet are too big to overlook. From baking recipes to exercises routines, music suggestions, and the links to articles that you think other people would like there’s no limit to the things you can write about through a blog for your personal use.

Every day, I write content

One of my top blog writers, Courtney Carver from Be More With Less she has an incredible idea: draw an easy drawing on paper each night that is a reflection of her day. It’s an excellent method to engage with readers and come up with something that you would never be able to complete during your busy schedule. If you record every step or sketch the thoughts you have throughout the day, it’s a good way to add value for yourself and your fellow readers. Remember that relationships are the most important thing online. The more people come to get to know, like, and are confident in them the more likely they are to do business with, buy from or partner with you!

How to make your blog more profitable through affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing isn’t a brand new concept, but it’s gained new significance thanks to bloggers and social media. It is a way of making money by recommending products to your followers. It could be as easy as including links in your blog posts (like my posts do) or being paid to speak about products in the course of an online video. If you’re thinking of creating an affiliate marketing campaign that you can run yourself Here are some suggestions Make sure that you’re transparent and honest. Your viewers will notice if you’re not. Do not recommend products which aren’t worth your time simply because you earn an income or could help in promoting future earnings. Readers will be able to tell when you aren’t truly passionate about the product.

How do you find high-value affiliate programs that could earn you money?

Affiliate marketing can be a great method to earn extra cash online. It lets you connect with an audience who are already interested in the subject and market products that bring value to them. You can create affiliate link on the site or through networks such as Commission Junction. If you decide to pursue affiliate marketing, you’ll need to locate quality affiliate programs that sell products that people are looking to purchase. This is how: Before you dive into the deep end of advertising other people’s products find out which niches provide good content and allows affiliates to earn decent commissions with no competition.

Examples of affiliate programs with high-value programs

It is no surprise that the Netflix in travel and tourism, TripAdvisor and Expedia, are extremely high-paying affiliate programs. They are known names in the field of travel, therefore it is logical to promote their affiliate programs as an affiliate. They also have reliable websites that have been proven to offer great suggestions for accommodations and other activities within a specific area or city. If you choose to join the affiliate programme, make sure you be sure to read the disclosures carefully to be sure you understand the number of sales required for each quarter or month you to be eligible for commissions.