The “Luck” Behind a Buddha Ring


Buddhism is not just one of the world’s major religions, it’s a way of life for many of our Buddhist friends. People practicing Buddhism harness positive life force from their inner selves and ultimately releases it into the universe. A significantly growing number of people have decided to focus on achieving inner peace and total enlightenment that eventually leads to a state of perfect bliss, also known as nirvana.

To be able to achieve such bliss one should be in touch with their morality and wisdom. A combination of these two together with a little meditation from time to time will help pave the way to enlightenment. In Buddhism, everyone is encouraged to shun self-indulgence and avoid self-denial to achieve the highest truth. However, there is no single Buddhist symbol that could help you get centered, but rather several symbols that depict Buddhism and its beliefs.

The Meaning Behind Wearing Buddha Ring
Wearing symbols of Buddha helps us walk our life the way Buddha did. It gives us more patience, kindness (in words and thoughts), and peace. Having it on your finger has an esoteric meaning connected to it that has something to do with divine energy. A Buddha ring is worn to draw divine awareness which creates pressure on your finger, a sign that a bit of bad luck or black energy is being blocked.

Understanding Luck and Bad Luck
Let us take a closer look at the concept of luck before we attempt to comprehend how a piece of the ring could help you shake off bad luck.

Luck is generally described as an occurrence or belief that defines notable positive, negative, or dubious events. It is not only exclusive to positive events that happened in your life but even the negative and/or improbable ones, too! Bad luck, on the other hand, is as clear as to how the words are read together, it is a negative phenomenon that could be a result of being stubbornly stuck in the past resulting in disconnection of your mindset and present situation.

The causal factor of luck is normally your understanding of things.
Improbable circumstances are almost certain to take place if given enough breaks. But luck isn’t just the outcome of chances. Just as the same with people who do exceptionally well eventually do worse the next time. Thus, unpredictable events are out of our control and that randomness affects a lot of what we do. Luck seems to be where chance and consciousness combine, almost like a filter that our brains apply, and with the right energy jewelry you can potentially push this chance in your favor.

What Does Jade Stone Symbolize in Buddhism?
Jade colors are believed by all Buddhism followers as an anchor of luck and also thought to possess protective, positive energy. This stone indicates balance and harmony. If you’re feeling down or just a little bit offbeat, Jade stone can help you pull yourself together and back to the center. It’s a great stone that makes you feel grounded again and more importantly, less anxious about things and how they’re going.

Being one of the many crystals that are thought to possess powers that could give you a constant flow of funds and other assets, Jade helps rejuvenate your energy towards seeing things around you that you weren’t able to utilize and made money out of.

Whether you are trying to pull yourself together from the past that seems to be very hard to get over, or if you are looking for a specific piece of jewelry that is designed to invite fortune to come your way, Energy Artist Julia has the perfect Buddha ring for you.

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