The In’s and Out’s of Effective Video Content Marketing


Video content marketing outperforms all other marketing strategies by close to 50 percent.

Many customers rely on video to decide whether to make a purchase. They claim that videos provide persuading and easy-to-grasp information.

Your business should look for ways to leverage video content to increase sales. The goal is to use video marketing to elevate brand awareness and increase leads.

Read on to learn the ins and outs of effective video content marketing.

Know Your Audience

The best kind of video content is the one that is tailored to fit your target audience’s wants, preferences, and needs. This content highlights these people’s pains and struggles. It effectively targets these people’s emotions and makes them form a connection with your brand.

Your business must know its target audience to create this kind of video content. You must undertake market research to find out these people’s interests, fears, and motivations. Also, you need to find out which online channels these people use and when.

The idea is to know where to post your business marketing content and the best time to do it.

Focus on Telling a Story

One of the worst video marketing mistakes businesses makes is focusing too much on sales. They create videos that keep pestering the audience to buy from them. Most people find these videos to be annoying and are less likely to buy from these businesses.

Your company should focus on telling a story when creating a brand video to avoid this pitfall. Tell people who you’re and your company’s mission. Your goal is to establish emotional connections with the target audience.

You want to make people feel like characters in your company’s story. These people will root for your brand and recommend it to their friends and relatives.

Create a Strong Hook

Many business owners complain that no one watches their video ads to the end. They claim that most people either fast-forward the videos or skip them. They lament that they don’t understand what causes this behavior, so they don’t know what to change.

Having a weak video hook is the leading cause of this problem. Your videos should grab people’s attention within the first few seconds.

Here are ideas for effective hooks for videos:

• Start with an interesting fact/statistic
• Start with a joke
• Ask a captivating question
• Start with an engaging story
• Start with a what if…
• Please start with the benefits (show them the money!)

Your objective is to have a strong video hook that makes the viewer watch the entire video.

Develop Unique Video Content

61 percent of consumers say they’re more likely to buy from businesses that deliver content. Your company should work on generating authentic video content to target these consumers. You want to provide them with new and relevant information that answers their most pressing questions.

To get unique video content ideas, check out the frequently asked questions by your target audience. Next, find out if any other business has created videos to answer these questions. Your plan is to publish unique marketing videos on yet to be answered questions.

Create Short and Sweet Marketing Videos

Many businesses try to add all their marketing information in a single video. They assume providing a lot of information will increase customer engagement. Unfortunately, consumers hate long business marketing videos, and that’s why they don’t watch them.

They say it’s a waste of time to watch these videos, especially if they have no plan to buy from these businesses soon.

Your company should create short and sweet marketing videos to avoid this pitfall. You want to create fun videos that enhance brand awareness. Also, there’s a high chance that people will share these short and sweet business marketing videos.

Break a video into several parts if you feel it’s impossible to include all vital information in a single video.

Publish New Videos Regularly

Many businesses waste time trying to develop the “perfect” marketing video that’ll go viral. These businesses are reluctant to post videos regularly as they feel most of their videos are subpar. Unfortunately, these businesses struggle with brand awareness and low leads without a regular video posting schedule.

You should focus on generating as many marketing videos as possible as a smart business owner. Yes, most of these videos won’t go viral, but they’ll help you increase brand awareness. Besides, if you make engaging videos, people will start looking forward to your next business marketing video.

So, publish new videos consistently to enhance customer engagement. Also, send out alerts to your target audience on when you’ll be publishing a new video. Finally, post new business marketing videos on as many online channels as possible to increase your reach.

Add a Call to Action (CTA)

After creating a marketing video, most businesses either forget to add a call to action (CTA) or an obvious CTA. Your company should do things differently by creating creative calls to action (CTAs). You don’t have to keep telling people to buy from your company at the end of your marketing videos.

Here are some alternative CTAs you should consider adding to your videos:

• Please subscribe to our channels
• Like/follow our page
• Please comment on this video
• Please watch our other videos

These CTAs help you to avoid being too salesy and increase brand awareness. The idea is to build an emotional connection with the target audience before asking them to buy your products/services.

Leverage Video Content Marketing to Enhance Customer Engagement

Your business should invest in video content marketing to create emotional connections with your target market. Rely on the above tips to create captivating videos that increase brand engagement. You want to invest in business marketing videos with strong hooks.

Also, create short and sweet videos to improve customer engagement and increase sales.

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