The Era of Gothic Culture and Fashion – Characteristics, Features & Trends

women’s gothic clothing

The current mass culture explores and exploits Gothic fashion because it is an unusual trend. You can witness gothic clothing, especially women’s gothic skirts and jackets, at the red carpet functions, runways, TV shows, music videos, and movies. Despite the surging popularity of alternative clothing and trend, people usually have a vague perception of this kind of styling.

Meanwhile, there is a strong influence of the Gothic approach in the modern drifts of fashion. The exponential growth of Gothic trends is here to stay.

History of Modern Women’s Gothic Clothing

The Gothic time dressing goes back to two definite periods. The early Gothic Era was from 1200 to 1350. The Late Gothic Era lasted from 1350 to 1450. Back then, Gothic women’s clothing was more graceful, simple, and sophisticated in its cuts, compared to the Romanesque period. The forearms were more important for a ruffling effect, with tight sleeves. Early Gothic clothing required minimal trimmings.

Previously, women’s gothic skirts and dresses were longer, with deeper necklines. Styles evolved during the later period; from early flowing draperies to stiffer fabrics, Gothic fashion changed and emerged with each passing year.

In the 15th century, the upper silhouette turned extreme with crisp pleats, padded doublets, tight belts, and leg-o-mutton sleeves. These features were an important part of Gothic fashion in the late period of the Gothic era.

Gothic Jacket for Women & Corsets

Gothic jacket, women’s section, is still an integral part of the wardrobe that marks the era. Gothic style may be dark yet simple, but jackets mark this trend. A printed, patched, dark, and jet-black collection of jackets set women apart in the crowd.

The theme of Gothic fashion is to protest against everything that society tags as normal. According to the Gothic culture, normal is extravagant. Alternative clothing, on the other hand, sees a massive use of dark-coloured clothes, usually black, with dark makeup and black lip colour, fishnets, corsets, printed tees, leather outfits, and totem enthused accessories.

The Gothic corset has been an essential piece of attire that accentuates alternate clothing. It gives an hourglass shape to a woman’s body, thus highlighting her features. Corsets were extremely popular in the medieval and Victorian ages. Even now, Gothic corsets are a fundamental part of their culture and fashion, which helps women to maintain the aesthetics of an hourglass physique. It is extremely flattering.

While the Gothic corsets were uncomfortable to pull off for long, the garment is now a lot softer and easier for the waistline, unlike in the past.

Other Gothic Outfits and Accessories

Gothic outfits are not just limited to dresses, skirts, and jackets. Fishnets, for instance, are one of the finest summer gothic ensembles. Women love to wear fishnets on arms and legs. They may add it to their jumpers and shirts too.

Likewise, lace-trimmed flowing skirts, long gauzy skirts, and cotton bloomers are some of the most comfortable choices of gothic clothing.

Gothic Hairstyle in Men and Women

In the ancient times of the Gothic era, men preferred to wear their hair at a good length. A bob haircut touching the jawline and a bang through the forehead were the mark of Gothic men. They also bleached the hair in blonde, which was a popular hair colour. Beard was not very common though; only a few men preferred beards.

In the Late era, Gothic men preferred to wear neatly curled and bobbed hair. Young girls and women in both eras wore loose hair, flowing upon the shoulders. However, post marriage, they styled their hair to a bun, neatly placed at their nape. Women also wore different hairpieces like georgette and wimple, which covered their hair.

Complete Gothic Look

Gothic men dress up in shirts with buckles, lacing, and ruffles. Their attire includes pirate shirts, but a darker variety. In summers, Goth males wear natural and light fibre shirts with short dark trousers. Their attire is often accessorized with black umbrellas, wide-brimmed hats, silver ornaments, and gothic candle holders.

The Gothic look is incomplete without matching Gothic boots. Male Goths prefer to wear dark-coloured, or black flattened boots whereas female Goths wear pitch-black high heel boots. However, both male and female Goths also wear bloody-red boots to make a difference in their look.

Whether you want to wear traditional Gothic clothes or you are fond of Victorian Gothic fashion, there is something for everyone who wants to step into the world of Gothic fashion or continue with the trend. Gothic fashion also extends to antique clothing, gypsy fashion, cyber goths, steam-punk gothic fashion, tribal gothic clothing, and many other varieties. Take your pick from Jordash Clothing. Stay trendy. Stay fashionable. Stay Gothic.