The Dos and Don’ts of Giving Holiday Gifts To Your Co-Workers

dos and don'ts of giving holiday gifts to your coworkers

Christmas and Thanksgiving are just around the corner, and so is Black Friday. This means that you are having an incredible chance to buy some exciting gifts for your friends, colleagues, and co-workers at absolutely cut rates.

Buying a gift for your childhood friends and your family member is fairly easier as you know their choices for so long. But when it comes to the purchasing of a corporate gift for the co-worker, the matter is quite opposite since you are clueless about their likes and dislikes.

From the determination of the right price point to the type of gift which is truly worth appreciating, this struggle could boggle up your mind.

While finding the gifts, even the question that is it good enough to gift your co-workers or colleagues along with boss on holidays is enough to make you feel baffled.

We understand your concern about giving gifts to fellow workers on holidays. You may not be able to find the perfect gift for your best friend at the office. Or you might be just feeling confused that how you should be presenting the wrapped products.

Well, we have got your back as in this guide, you will find some quick dos and don’ts of giving holiday gifts to your co-workers.


We all know this fact that this is not necessary to give the co-workers a gift but this is just a nice gesture with which you can show up on holidays. This can make the other person feel important and loved at work by you.

A gift is always a form of love, friendship, affection, and care towards one another. You can present your closest co-workers with some super cute cheesy treats to make them feel joyful. Also, this is important to understand whether your company has got a proper policy for gift-giving.

Below, we have broken down some dos and don’ts of office gift-giving. Absorb them in your mind to come up with the best way to present your gifts to associates and bosses.

Dos of giving holiday gifts at the workplace:

Have a look at some of the dos of giving holiday presents to your fellow workers.

Decide who is on the list:

First of all, make a list of people to whom you want to give a gift. Make the list properly and make sure that you have given the place to your closest co-workers. Also, add up the people whom you feel are truly your well-wisher and have always stood by your side in thick and thin.

Stick to the decided budget:

Well-known LinkedIn profile writer shared the tip, one should stay glued with his decided budget for the gifts of fellow mates. There is no need to go over the boundaries to present something to your employees at the workplace.

Choose something very decent yet thoughtful:

Your present for your workmate should be very thoughtful and decent. Your personality would be unveiled and your lifestyle would also come to light. You can go with a customized chocolate box, diary, snacks basket, and a watch as well.

Remember the staff members:

Keep in mind that your supporting staff members need your attention as well. You should not forget them behind while giving the gifts. You can arrange a small custom boxes of brownies as well to show your caring gesture towards the supporting staff.

Include the gift receipt:

Whatever the gift you have bought for your friends at work, make sure to add a gift receipt inside the box. In this way, it would become easier for the receiver to get his present exchanged from the same shop from where you have bought the gift.

Don’ts of giving holiday gifts at the workplace:

Now understand some of the don’ts of giving holiday presents to your co-workers.

Don’t get personal with the gift item:

Don’t ever get personal with the gift items as this could hurt the sentiments of other people. Avoid buying the type of gift which is relating the product to any wrong means. There is no need to gift a book or even a clothing item as this could be on a personal side.

Avoid giving the gift in front of others:

Make sure not to give the surprises in front of those who didn’t make up in your list of holiday presents at the workplace. You can opt for the buffet or any lunch place with your colleagues and can hand over them the present you bought!

Don’t be pressured with the budget:

The budget of the gift is your choice and there is no need to get pressured with the amount of money. Always remember, your co-workers and friends will never judge you for the pricing range in which you have got the present.

Don’t forget the common sense:

Common sense is your best friend while searching for the best products as gifts. After staying and working together for a long time, you must be having an idea of what your workplace friend likes the most, go with that. That is exactly what workers at fix my resume do and recommend to others.

Never exchange a gift for the sake of statement:

Do not give the gift with the thought of getting something in exchange. You never know what your teammate is going through and if he would be able to gift you something in return. Also, never present the boss with the wrapped gifts for sake of getting a promotion or raise.


This quick guide has mentioned 5 dos and 5 don’ts of giving holiday gifts to your teammates and colleagues. Read these tips thoroughly to understand how you should be presenting your customized wrapped presents to your favorite workmates.