The Different Types of Safety Clothing and Apparel

The Different Types of Safety Clothing and Apparel

What do firefighters, construction workers, and medical professionals all have in common? They all need safety clothing to do their jobs safely and effectively.

Safety workwear is a key part of any hazardous job. Workers may need protection from hazardous chemicals. Alternately, the safety clothing may help them stand out in a dangerous area.

Regardless of why someone might need it, custom safety apparel saves lives.

Read on to learn more about the major kinds of safety clothing.

High-Visibility Clothing

High-visibility clothing is a kind of safety clothing that draws attention to the wearer. It’s vital for jobs that place workers in dangerous areas where people need to see them.

High-visibility clothing is most commonly used in highway construction. Workers in these jobs are near fast-moving vehicles; they need a way for drivers to notice them.

Other construction jobs also need high-visibility clothing, especially if heavy machinery is used on the job site.

High-visibility clothing uses bright colors and reflective material. This makes the wearer stick out. There are many kinds of high-visibility clothing. Each has varying amounts of reflective material (among other things).

Chemical-Resistant Clothing

Chemists, exterminators, and others work with dangerous chemicals. They use chemical-resistant clothing for protection. These clothes help protect against chemical spills and accidental exposure.

Chemical-resistant clothing often takes the form of coveralls. shoe protectors and rubber gloves are common, too.

For exterminators and similar businesses, chemical-resistant clothing also helps with branding. Custom safety clothing with a company’s name and logo protects employees and advertises your business at the same time.

Fire-Resistant Apparel

Fire-resistant clothing is some of the most versatile safety clothing available. Many professions can benefit from fire-resistant workwear. That includes almost every job this article has mentioned so far.

Flame resistance varies depending on the material and treatment used. Many other types of safety apparel can also be made fire-resistant.

Check to find a wide variety of fire-resistant safety workwear.

Medical Safety Clothing

Medical workers use all kinds of safety clothing to protect themselves against germs. Gowns, gloves, and more are used to lower the risk of spreading infections.

What sets medical equipment apart from other safety clothing? Most of it is disposable. Gloves and masks are a good example of this; most of these are single-use only.

It makes sense. Once a rubber glove has come into contact with a contagious patient, it’s contaminated. Using it again would only spread the germs.

That said, there are some items (such as lab coats and safety gowns) that are reusable.

Staying Safe With Safety Apparel

Safety clothing offers users protection when they need it most. Purchasing custom safety workwear can add a layer of comfort to the utility of standard safety apparel. This makes the clothing even more appealing.

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