The Different Types of Retail Packaging That Actually Improve Sales

Retail Packaging
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Packaging is a marketing tool that helps to build brands, market products, and increase sales. Retail packaging is directly meant for the end-users, comes in all shapes and sizes, and can be custom designed based on customer needs. Retailers are always looking for new ways to package their goods to stay competitive.

Retail packaging includes counter display packages, retail boxes, blister packs, clamshells, packaging inserts, trays, window boxes, rigid corrugated boxes, etc. These types of retail packaging have different benefits. Still, they all help retailers improve sales by making it easier for customers to purchase what they need when they want it without the hassle of doing research or having difficult conversations with other shoppers about the product.

These days you can see more and more creative designs are coming in the market just to attract customers and improve sales. Custom retail packaging is essential these days; that’s why retailers understand that it doesn’t matter how good a product is if they can’t sell it, which results in not making any sales. Retail packaging and its benefits are essential for retailers to stay competitive. Sales can be improved by using some design and style tricks.

Big Retail Box

Retail boxes are a great way to display your company’s product. When consumers see the box, they can tell what it is and learn more about its specifics by reading all of the information printed on it. In addition, unique designs make our products stand out from others on store shelves!

Retail boxes are all you need to show and sell your products proudly. They come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, colors, and styles that can be used for any type of product: clothing items or kitchenware- the world is literally your oyster! Retailers use these packages as their storefronts since they’re so versatile; this way, customers have time to browse while still feeling like they know where everything is located when it comes down to purchasing something.

Counter Display Package

Counter display boxes are well designed to be placed on the counters and every buyer passing through. Its primary purpose is to bring products closer to their eyes. Retailers use them to display items like jewelry, sunglasses, and food products. Retailers offer counter displays for every occasion: Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or just a random Tuesday!

So, sellers create different attractive counter boxes for many events to change buyer’s tastes and attract them by providing new launches. Retailers use counter display boxes to offer a wide range of products and not just one. Retail Counter displays are an essential part of the retail industry because they’re used for purposes other than displaying items like jewelry, food, or sunglasses.

Blister Packs

One of the most exciting forms of packaging is called blister packs. This process uses a thin sheet of plastic which creates an enclosed box with openings for two sides and one top. The whole enclosure can be heated to create your desired shape, like square corners that give it some rigidity to don’t get smashed during shipping! There are three types of blister packaging. Below three primary types of blister packaging are written.

Face Seal

Face seal blisters are types of the blister in which product is sealed so that plastic ranges up to the edge of the packaging.


In a trapped blister, the product is placed under the plastic sheet and surrounded by cardboard to enclose it. It is easy to recognize that only the product is blistered inside, where description and other graphics can be seen on cardboard.


Stretched blister product is fully sealed inside the two plastic blisters and closed at the edge of the packaging.

The plastic blister packaging, made of tiny alveoli containing goods packed individually and sealed with a single layer of protective material, provides optimal protection for your smaller items. In addition, the individual cells are designed to hold one product only so that they can be reused by the customer or recycled easily after use.

Clamshells Packaging

The clamshell packaging system is a clever and innovative way to store products, with the hinge connecting two halves of plastic coming together to keep both sides closed. The hinges allow for quick opening or closing, which saves time when you need to get access quickly in an emergency situation! The most popular materials for clamshell packaging are plastic, like PVC and polyester.

The clamshell packaging has various shapes to choose from, including prismatic (a box with more than two dimensions), cone-shaped, cylindrical (cylinder-shaped), and rectangular pillowcase-style boxes that fold flat to store easily while not being used.

Insert Trays

Insert trays are the best way to present your product so that a buyer can see your product without opening the box. Insert trays can be built with many materials like plastic and cardboard. Cardboard insert trays are best to show your product looks to your customers. This type of packaging is best because people love to see what they are going to purchase. This packaging also comes for more miniature retail goods.

Clamshell packaging is a great way to show off your products. Plus, customers can see what they’re getting without having the hassle of opening up boxes and bags! Besides paperboard cases, you can also opt for clear plastic clamshells with 360-degree views. This lets potential buyers have more control over their purchase to make sure it’s exactly what they want before adding items into their shopping cart or bagging them at checkout!

So, by now, you must have understood just how important it is to choose the suitable retail packaging for your product. It should be capable of providing adequate protection during transport and placement on store shelves while acting as a marketing tool for your product at the same time.


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