The Dangers of RSO Belly Button Injections: Why It’s Not a Safe Method of Cannabis Administration

RSO belly button

RSO, or Rick Simpson Oil, is a concentrated form of cannabis oil that is known for its high THC content and potential medicinal benefits. While RSO can be ingested orally or applied topically, some people have started using RSO belly button injections as a method of administration.

The idea behind RSO belly button injections is that the belly button is a highly vascularized area of the body, meaning that it has a rich blood supply. By injecting RSO directly into the belly button, the theory is that the cannabinoids in the oil will be absorbed more quickly and efficiently into the bloodstream, leading to a more intense and longer-lasting effect.

However, there are several reasons why RSO belly button injections are not a safe or recommended method of cannabis administration. Firstly, injecting any substance into the body carries a risk of infection and other complications. The belly button, in particular, is a warm and moist area that is prone to bacterial growth. If proper hygiene protocols are not followed, injecting RSO into the belly button can lead to serious infections such as cellulitis, abscesses, or sepsis.

Secondly, RSO belly button injections can cause damage to the surrounding tissues and organs. The belly button is connected to several important blood vessels and nerves, including the abdominal aorta and inferior vena cava. Injecting RSO directly into the belly button can cause damage to these structures, leading to bleeding, nerve damage, or even organ failure.

Thirdly, there is no scientific evidence to support the idea that RSO belly button injections are a more effective method of cannabis administration than other methods such as oral ingestion or topical application. While the belly button may have a rich blood supply, there is no guarantee that the cannabinoids in the RSO will be absorbed more quickly or efficiently than they would be through other methods.

In addition to the potential health risks, RSO belly button injections are also illegal in many jurisdictions. In the United States, for example, cannabis is still classified as a Schedule I drug under federal law, meaning that it is considered to have a high potential for abuse and no accepted medical use. While several states have legalized medical and/or recreational cannabis use, it is still illegal to manufacture, distribute, or possess cannabis products without proper licensure.

In conclusion, RSO belly button injections are a dangerous and unproven method of cannabis administration that carry a high risk of infection, tissue damage, and legal consequences. If you are interested in using cannabis for medicinal purposes, it is important to consult with a qualified healthcare provider who can advise you on the best and safest methods of administration. While RSO may have potential therapeutic benefits, there are many other cannabis products and delivery methods that have been scientifically validated and approved for medical use.