The Complete Guide to Smart Homes

The Complete Guide to Smart Homes

Smart homes have recently become a fad, but soon they will become standard homes. The internet has provided a lot of convenience to you because you can connect all devices to it – whether it is thermostats, TVs, computers, kettles, lighting, and the like.

Since it is at the inception, there are a lot of things to be explored. Soon the Internet of Things will connect almost every device and learn how to respond to your needs without you leaving your seat.

Now the question is, everyone has different habits and different needs. How the Internet of Things will be able to understand the individual pattern and needs. The key is the data that every device collects. This data is what makes these devices respond to your command, and this is how an ordinary house becomes a smart home.

A smart home is a home that connects all gadgets with the internet. As you enter the house, the lights turn on is a perfect example. Opening and closing of doors, turning on and turning off all lights, locking the doors themselves when you leave your house are some other examples.

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Things you can automate in your house

You have got to know what a smart home is. Now you would want to know what kind of gadgets you can connect with the internet. Here are the things that you can automate:

  • Smart lighting

If you are looking to automate your house, you should start with smart lighting. You can save a lot of energy because you can control them with your voice or open and close the doors.

For instance, when you enter the room, lights get switched on, and all lights get switched off as you leave the room.

This looks like the best way to automate your lighting as well as saving your energy. The best thing about these smart lights and bulbs is that you can get them with many features.

  • Smart locks

A smart lock should be automated because you do not have to worry about opening and closing doors. By automating your lock system, you will be able to provide more security.

The best part of automating your lock system is that you can let dog walkers and cleaners in, and when they leave the house, you can lock your house with the app installed on your mobile phones.

You do not need to worry about the keys, nor do you have to hide them behind the flower pot because you can use the code to let someone in.

There are various types of smart locks. Some of them can connect with other devices. Therefore, when you enter the house, the lights will get switched on, and they get switched off as you leave.

  • Smart CCTV cameras

Security is one of the significant concerns, and thanks to technology – you can make your CCTV cameras smarter. If you have created a smart home, it must have strict a tight security. You do not need to appoint a guard because smart CCTV cameras can do a better job than they can.

Wireless Wi-Fi cameras will be on your list. You can easily mount these cameras in and outside your house. You can record and see all live videos through your mobile phone connected with these cameras through an app.

These cameras can immediately notify you if they detect a person, animal or thing. They can notify you about all activities. You can also turn off these cameras when you are home, so you do not record yourself.

  • Smart TV

If you want to create a smart home, you will never miss connecting TV and speakers with the internet. You can connect these devices with Alexa and Echo. All you need to do is just to give a command.

If you want to turn on and turn off the TV, you can do it easily without the need for a remote. All you need to do is to ask your digital assistants. You can also take a lot of other advantages.

For instance, you can connect AI-featured digital assistants like Alexa and Echo to know about the weather, find a recipe, call your friend, read the news, and set a timer for cooking something in the kitchen. You can control all connected devices with these assistants by just ordering them.

Whether you want to play your favourite song or you want to know who is at the door, you just have to ask.

How to choose a smart home ecosystem

When it comes to creating a smart home, you can buy easily a video doorbell or any other items that can work on their own. Still, you need one more item, and that is the essential gadget to make them connected with the internet and operate at your command, and that is a smart home ecosystem.

There are four types of ecosystems – Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Samsung Smart Things.

Before you chose an ecosystem, you need to figure out what you want from it. For instance, if you want to support the entertainment system, you should ensure whether it has that feature.

It is crucial to note the pros and cons of each device, so you know what you need. Each ecosystem has its own pros and cons.

For instance, you can connect multiple devices with Alexa, but not all of them can function well. Similarly, SmartThings can allow large devices to be connected, but this is the most complicated system to work. Make sure that you carefully analyse them before buying.

The bottom line

If you want to create a smart home, you will have to buy an ecosystem to connect the devices. You can connect various gadgets depending on the ecosystem you are buying.

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