The Chakra Ring: the Easiest Way to Open Your Chakras


When one or more of your chakras is blocked, you can experience a host of negative feelings. These can manifest in your spiritual, mental, or physical body in varying ways, like depression, anxiety, gastrointestinal issues, and many other unpleasant issues.

The right course of action to take once you notice such a difficulty is to rectify it. You will need to figure out which chakra is blocked, then promptly do the work to open that chakra. This work can be accomplished by doing such things as meditation, yoga, using essential oils, proper nutrition, and so on.

One underrated way of doing this is by wearing healing and blessed jewelry in your daily life. When wearing this kind of jewelry, you can successfully reconnect with your spiritual self and open your chakra(s) to find inner peace.

One specific piece of healing jewelry that can successfully accomplish this is the chakra ring from Energy Artist Julia. All of the jewelry from Energy Artist Julia is made with the finest gems, stones, and other materials and blessed by Julia, the founder of the Energism Art Movement. It works to open all seven of your chakras, but can also hone in on one closed chakra in particular if that’s what you require.

There are seven chakras in the body. From bottom to top, they are the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown. What signs should you be looking for to know if one or more of these are blocked and that you need a chakra ring? There are a number of ways that you can tell if any of your chakras are blocked.

Root: self-centeredness, guilt, violence

Sacral: low self-esteem, jealousy, materialism

Solar Plexus: overeating, egotistical, anger, overtalking

Heart: self-pity, lack of self-love

Throat: low creativity, sluggish metabolism

Third Eye: headaches, migraines, bad dream, poor concentration

Crown: depression, fear, loneliness

The above isn’t a comprehensive list of what you could notice from blocked chakras, but these are the most common signs. Always seek the advice of a medical professional first for treatment of these systems, before you begin to work on unblocking your chakras. Chakra healing is not meant to replace medical treatments.

If you have established that you have one or more blocked chakra, not to worry. It’s already an excellent start that you’ve identified this. These issues happen to everyone at one point or another, and you can certainly recover and feel like yourself once again.

With this particular ring, you can successfully open your chakra and can do so relatively easily. However, you shouldn’t simply wear this ring and forget about it. It won’t require any work or effort from you – which is a good thing. If you need to work on improving yourself, then it’s best you take the reins on that improvement.

This ring is super-charged with positive energy from Julia, making it a very powerful force to efficiently open your chakra. It can open all seven chakras, if that’s what you require. But how can you best utilize this both gorgeous and powerful piece of jewelry to assist you in personal growth and overall life-fulfillment?

The first step to successful chakra opening with this ring is to place it on one of your fingers and wear it as often as possible. Then, think about the signs you noticed earlier that provided you clarity on which chakra is blocked. Focus on that issue and that blocked chakra in particular.

Once you have that chakra at the forefront of your mind, breathe five deep breaths. Imagine air blowing out of that specific chakra and all of the negativity disappearing from it. Continue to do this as often as possible. You should feel the ring radiating cleansing energy while also absorbing the negative energy it rid from you.

With habitual use, the chakra ring should change your life in the ways you are looking it to– and even more.

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