The Best Ways To Get Rid of Mosquitos


Around 6,27000 people die due to Malaria in 2020. The number is growing with each passing year. The main cause of the Malaria virus is mosquitos. You need to confine your house in a way that fewer mosquitoes could enter the house. And, to encounter mosquitoes, we would be happy to tell you some simple tricks and tips to get rid of these remaining mosquitos.

Clean your house:

The first thing from your end must be done is to clean your house carefully. And, in cleaning try to fill up the strategic places that could be a hatching place for mosquitos. Find out the places in your house that could be used to store water for a long period of time. These places should be checked timely. 

Use mosquito nets and if you have any pets then clean their water bowls periodically. Don’t let rainwater be stored in your house. Empty pools and fountains when not used. In short, clean your house in a way that mosquitos won’t get any chance to breed.

Mosquito Traps:

These mosquito traps are used to kill mosquitos and other flying objects by alluring them from UV light or from carbon dioxide. But rather than putting them on your ground, they collect them in a compartment and when you feel the compartment of your mosquito trap is full you can empty them and there will be no filth on your ground.

Use Citronella Candles:

Citronella, essential oil distilled from a type of lemongrass, has long been known in the past to be a natural mosquito repellent. It has its own fragrance and aroma. You can light up these candles around different corners of your home. The aroma or odor is repulsive to mosquitos. 

If you are not using the whole house then you can light up in your specific place while the doors are closed. You can also put them on the table while studying or working from your home. It is a natural impediment for mosquitos and must be used smartly to get effective and productive results, instantly.

Electrical Mosquito Zapper:

The most effective way to get rid of mosquitoes without any smell or any restriction that you placed on yourself in order to get rid of these flying vampires is using electrical mosquito zappers in your house. You can also use these for your outdoors because some mosquito zapper outdoors has a good covering range that can protect your whole property.

These mosquitoes zapper outdoor work to attract the mosquitoes and other flying objects like dragonflies or white flies towards their electrical net. When these mosquitos touch the net of an electrical mosquito zapper they short-circuit the electrical circuit and for some moments or seconds, a high current passes through their bodies. That current is responsible for getting rid of them.

These electrical measures are used to kill these flying vampires but they can’t be useful to wipe out the source from which they are hatching. To eradicate the source you need to clean and spray your house 2 to 3 times a month.