The Best Outsourced Fractional General Counsel Services Do All of These Things Efficiently and Well


What are outsourced in-house fractional general counsel services?  Outsourced fractional general counsel services are business legal services for smaller and medium-sized businesses that need a business lawyer but don’t want to pay the high price of traditional law firm lawyers or hire a full-time in-house general counsel.  The idea is to get an experienced business lawyer who knows your business, is dedicated to it, and comes at a fraction of the cost of traditional business legal services. 

But as with any other business service, to ensure that you’re getting the best in-house outsourced fractional GC services, you need to make sure that the fractional general counsel services you choose do the following things for you:

1. Dedication.  The fractional GC services have to be dedicated.  That means that the lawyer you see is the lawyer you get, who communicates with you, who takes your calls, and who does your legal work.  That means that who you see is who you get.  By contrast, many law firms and even fractional GC services are a black box:  You communicate with them, but you have no idea who is doing your actual legal work.  You need a lawyer who knows your business and whom you know – personally.  So that to the extent possible there aren’t misunderstandings and miscommunications, and so that your lawyer is truly in-house in the sense that he takes your business matters personally and does your business’s legal work personally.

2.  A Great Deal That Matches Your Budget.  Your fractional general counsel services should be giving you a great deal.  That means they should be giving you an experienced business attorney for a great price.  Your legal fees should be kept at a small fractional of traditional law firms.  How?  By eliminating expensive and unnecessary overhead expenses such as gleaming and pricey corporate law offices, a savings that should be passed on to you as the client.   By allowing lawyers to work remotely and save their commuting costs, and allowing them to work out of locations where they can save on the cost of living and pass on those savings to your business.  And of course by allowing you to use only the level of business legal services you require, not more and not less.  So you don’t have to pay for a full-time in-house general counsel attorney either.  Finally, you should never be subject to “teams” of lawyers who upcharge you, and you should be charged a fixed monthly retainer that allows you to predict and control your business legal fees.  That way, there are no nasty surprises, and lawyers aren’t incentivized to bill by the hour and thus work inefficiently, rather than working efficiently within a fixed budget.

3.  A Great Online Platform.  You should also be delivered fractional general counsel services using the latest technology via well-built and above all secure online platform, ensuring that everything you do, from document storage, to chatting with the lawyer online, to receiving and paying monthly bills, is done easily, efficiently, and effectively online. 

If you follow those guidelines, your business is likely to receive the great outsourced fractional GC services you need and deserve.