The Best Magnetic Lashes for Your Eye Shape


With the popularity of wearing false lashes at an all-time high, you might find yourself looking for an option that is easier than traditional false lashes that require glue to be used.

In 2018 a new product took the makeup industry by storm. The magnetic lash changed the world of wearing false lashes. The days of fighting with lash-glue are long gone.

Magnetic lashes adhere to your eye using magnets attached at the base of the lash. All you need is magnetic eyeliner. 

Magnetic eyeliner works the same as all other eyeliners. Its formula contains a heavier ratio of iron oxides. The iron oxides allow the magnets to adhere and stay all day or night.

Now that you can wear magnetic lashes with ease, you need to discover what lash shape is best for your eye. So naturally, you need to discover your eye shape.

Discovering Your Eye Shape

With a few tips, you will be able to discover your eye shape. First, you will need a mirror so that you can see to answer the next questions.

Take a moment to study your eye. Make sure your eyes are open fully. When your eye is fully open can you see the crease in your lid? If not you have hooded eyes.

Now imagine there is a line running in between your temples. Look in the mirror at the outer corner of your eye. Is it above that line? If so you have upturned eyes.

Continue to visualize the line between your temples. Is the outer corner of your eye below the line? If so you have downturned eyes.

While looking in the mirror can you see any white above or below your iris? If not you have almond eyes.

If you can see the white of your eye below your iris then you have round eyes.

The last type of eye shape is mostly found in people of Asian ethnicity. If you have an epicanthic fold then you have monolid eyes.

A Lash for Every Eye Shape

Now that you know the shape of your eye, you can find the perfect magnetic lash to complement the shape.

Hooded eyes can, at times, be difficult to work with. The best magnetic lash for this eye shape will be thin. It will also be long in the center and taper down to the edge. 

Upturned eyes naturally look larger and are perfect for cat-eye looks. The best magnetic lash for the upturned eye is going to be a thick lash that is longer on the outer edge.

Downturned eyes are amazing for vintage looks. Marilyn Monroe had a downturned eye shape. When trying to find the best magnetic lash for this eye shape you want to think natural.

Almond eyes are considered the most desirable as they are the most versatile. If you have this eye shape, congrats you can choose any lash and look amazing.

Round eyes are also very versatile with one exception. When trying to find the perfect magnetic lash for round eyes, stay away from extremely thick or long. It will cause your eyes to appear smaller.

Monolid eyes look amazing with bold chromatic colors. When choosing the best magnetic lash for this eye shape look for lashes with cross patterns.

To conclude, now that you know what magnetic lashes are best for you, don’t be afraid to experiment with other styles. You may decide you like something less traditional. All that truly matters when picking the perfect magnetic lash is that you feel confident and beautiful when you wear them.