The Best 5 Practices To Enhance Peer-To-Peer Recognition At Your Workplace

Peer Recognition At Your Workplace

If we ask you to think of the best job that you have had to date, one of the top contributing factors that you will use to think of one will be the relationships you had with your colleagues. You have to spend a huge time of your day with your peers, so if you know that they respect and appreciate you,  you will automatically have a great motivation to go to your work daily.

However, it is unfortunate that while most major companies focus on efficient management and leadership feedback they often forget to recognize the Importance of peer-to-peer recognition. Peer-to-peer recognition plays a huge part in boosting your teamwork spirit as well as the engagement ratio, enhancing customer service, increasing team productivity, and reducing absenteeism. So gear yourself up, as in this article we will share with you the best 5 practices to improve peer to peer recognition at your workplace!

1. Set Up A Recognition Program –

If your company does not already have a recognition program then it is about time that you charge to build up a business case for one. Many surveys have proven that organizations that have included peer-to-peer recognition programs as a part of their overall recognition initiative, tend to have much more effective results than the Organisations that do not have one. You must try to make this recognition tool easy and fun for your employees, for instance, start by publicly encouraging the employees who participate in Peer to peer appreciation and activities that inspire their peers.

2. Make Sure That The Recognition Program Is Immediate In Its Actions –

One of the most important points for a good peer recognition program is that it has to be immediate. If an associate finishes some vital project after working continuously for weeks but their efforts are being recognized after months, then the effects are going to be much less beneficial and powerful than they would have been if the efforts were recognized immediately. Thus you must make sure that the rewards and recognition from the Peer recognition program are immediate to make it feel more spontaneous as well as directly from the heart.  This ensures that your staff knows that their work and efforts are valued.

3. Make Sure That Your Coworkers Are Aware Of The Peer Recognition Program –

There is no way that a recognition program can work efficiently if it is not publicly acknowledged. Your employees must all be aware that such a program is in place. You need to advertise it as often as you can so that your staff is reminded of the presence as well as the benefits of the program. Keep in mind that the more often the employees hear about the program, the more likely it is that they are going to implement it. Everyone in your organization must get an opportunity to receive recognition for their hard work, regardless of their position or job title!

4. Make Sure That The Program Is As Authentic As Possible –

You must at all costs avoid a recognition program that makes it look like a chore or task that needs to be done, whether your employees like it or not. If your employees look at the program like it is just another thing to be struck off their to-do list, it is very unlikely that they will try their earnest to be a part of it. The peer-to-peer program must be meaningful.  your employees should be able to know that you are expressing your sincere gratitude for the contributions that they have made to the organization.

5. Do Not Forget To Make It Fun –

The easiest and foolproof way to make sure that people are engaging in the recognition program is to make it fun. The experience must be fun, engaging and easy for all your employees. Try to include incentives or rewards that your staff is going to look forward to receiving for recognizing their peers.


A peer-to-peer recognition program is a great way to promote all your company values as well as to align the behavior of your staff according to the values. We hope that this article helped you out!

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