The best 5 android apps to find cheap flights


While the idea of ​​going on vacation and getting on a plane sounds exciting and fun, the process leading up to it is anything but. And it is that beyond the reservations of accommodation, attractions or the planning of the itinerary, the reservation of airline tickets and their prices usually mean a headache and stress for travelers.
Fortunately, there are tools and apps that help find the best prices on flights that improve the experience of travelers when it comes to planning and booking, whether for anticipated trips or last minute flights.

But which of all those tools are really worth it to find affordable flights?

Here are some of the best options according to travel experts.

Cheap flights Finder

It is one of the easiest apps to use to find cheap flights. This tool is responsible for comparing the most popular national and international airlines to obtain the best rates and to know which days are the best to travel. In addition, through its calendars, it makes reservations easier and users can filter their searches in their own way and as best suits them. This app is the enlarged Google Flights search tool. You can also search and book hotels and ret a car worldwide. The app search flight from delta airlines app, flysafair, google flights, hopper, justfly, southwest airline app, united airlines app, Volaris, Kayak, Booking, Skiplagged, Skyscanner and more than 1000+ airlines worldwide.
Google Flights

It is a search engine that predicts costs in reservations to endless national and international destinations, makes comparisons of the best airline options based on their rates, stopovers, routes and permissiveness regarding the type of luggage. Google Flights also provides information on delays in delayed flights and their reasons.


It is an application mainly used to book flights at affordable costs. Within its functions, Kiwi can launch travel options and routes if users are not sure where to go, in addition to launching multi-destination trips at considerable costs and flexible dates. Provides information to cross airports, find ATMs, restaurants and create round trip itineraries in one or more destinations.


With Hopper, travelers can search for specific flights or explore travel options in hot destinations, whether domestic or international. It allows the monitoring of availability of cheap flights and offers travel options for those who are not sure where to go.


This app’s server monitors the most popular travel routes and makes sure to find the best prices for immediate reservations and keeps the rates for a while so that users meditate and decide to buy.