The Benefits of Using Murphy’s Oil Soap on Sticky Wood Tables


Many dining tables are made from wood, which can become sticky and dirty from food spills and general use over time. Murphy’s Oil Soap is the perfect way to give your table an all-natural cleaning that will restore it to its original look and feel. Wood furniture can be expensive, so it’s important to take good care of your pieces to maximize their longevity and beauty. This article will explore how Murphy’s Oil Soap can help you get your wood table clean again in no time!

How To Clean A Wood Table

Cleaning a sticky wood table top can be as easy as washing it down with Murphy’s Oil Soap. The natural oils in soap are excellent for lifting dirt and grime off your wood table, leaving it clean and free from sticky residue. It’s important to note that you should only use Murphy’s Oil Soap to clean wood tables—other soaps may leave behind a sticky film or cause damage to your wood furniture.

Is Murphy’s Oil Soap Good For Cleaning My Wooden Furniture?

Murphy’s Oil Soap (also known as MOS) is one of those products that you can use around your home for a variety of purposes. Wood finishing specialists swear by it, recommending MOS to be mixed in with their own concoction to clean and finish wood surfaces around your home. It’s not just good for removing leftover smudges and stains from wooden surfaces like door frames or desks but also for cleaning sticky wood table tops and wooden kitchen cabinets.

Can I Put Murphy’s Oil On A Finished Wooden Table?

There are times when you will notice your wood table top is sticky. This could be due to several reasons. You can’t assume that all oils are good for your wooden table. Some oils such as olive oil, butter, and salad dressing can stain or damage your wood table top. They contain natural fats and waxes that tend to build up over time. That’s why it’s important to use Murphy’s Oil Soap on a wood table finish that is sticky instead of other oils like vegetable oil, peanut oil, mineral oil, or any other type of cooking oil. It contains natural soap that cleans without leaving residue behind while also providing a protective coating against future spills and stains.

Do I Need To Wash My Wooden Table Before Applying Murphy’s?

Murphy’s is a product known for its ability to restore wooden surfaces, which makes it ideal for fixing sticky wood table tops. However, some people think it needs to be washed first before use. To get rid of that stickiness, you do need to wash your surface first with soap and water. If you leave any build-up from previous coats or cleaners in place, Murphy’s won’t be able to penetrate those contaminants and will have trouble with adhesion.


If your wood table top is getting sticky, don’t run out and purchase new furniture. Instead, try some Murphy’s Oil Soap. This household product can be used to fix a sticky wood table top, and it also has many other household uses. Keep your wood table in tip-top shape by using Murphy’s regularly. Infinterounds provide more information about what causes wood table tops to be sticky, wood table top fix options, and how to treat a sticky wood table. Check it out.