The Beautiful Places of St. Michaels, Maryland to Explore When You Visit

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St. Michaels, Maryland, has humble beginnings as a trading post for trappers and farmers. The area owes its name to the Christ Episcopal Church of St. Michael Archangel. 

The church established the present-day St. Michaels in 1672, giving rise to the town. 

The economic mainstay of the inhabitants was shipbuilding. Their schooners played a critical role in the war of 1812. After the war, there was a decline in the building of ships. But the town managed to bounce back by going into oyster fishing. 

Today the coastal town has evolved into a charming place that is quite popular with visitors. You can still get a lot of information about historical maritime activities. But beyond that, there are many other activities. These include kayaking, cycling, golfing, and more. 

St. Michaels is also a fantastic destination for couples due to its many romantic bistros and restaurants. The ideal location of the eateries at the waterfront provides a perfect setting for love-filled moments.

Shoppers and art enthusiasts will also find plenty of offerings. You will also get some of the best family resorts in Maryland. 

Let’s look at some beautiful places in Saint Michael’s, Maryland, to explore when you visit.  

The Inn at Perry Cabin for the Best Resorts in Maryland

We have the perfect recommendation if you are looking for the best places to stay in Maryland. The Inn at Perry Cabin is one of the best hotels in St. Michaels, MD. The premier resort sits right at the waterfront. That makes it an ideal location for anyone who wants peace and serenity. 

The Miles river water gliding by and the gentle breeze make for the perfect day and night experience. You also get some of the best views of the Chesapeake Bay. 

The colonial-style Perry Cabin has family-friendly accommodations. Different dining options can cater to families with young kids. You can enjoy spas, golfing, tennis, and more activities. 

The inn is also a popular venue for weddings. So if you have one coming up, you should ask about the facilities. 

Learn Some History at Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum

The Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum is enormous. Covering over 18 acres, there is much to discover about the maritime tradition. 

There is a fantastic collection of nautical artifacts like water boats. They also have some kid-friendly events, educational programs, special exhibitions, and activities.

The Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum also offers boat rides on the Miles river. You also have the option of renting small crafts if you wish. 

Please check out the Hooper Strait Lighthouse. Built in 1879, the lighthouse now resides in the Chesapeake museum. Visitors get a hands-on experience of climbing the hatch and tending the lenses. You also get to know how it was to be on the lookout for ships during a fog. 

Please carry along some shopping money to spend at the gift shop. You can find some fantastic souvenirs or even gifts for those back home. 

Taste the Finest Spirits at Lyon Rum Distillery

Lyon rum distillery is part of the larger Windon Distilling Company. Visitors get to see the processes that go into coming up with the finest spirits. The distillery started operations in 2012 and still has its door open. 

The signature drink is rum which pays homage to the Eastern Shore traditions. There is great attention to detail, including the sourcing of raw ingredients. The mashing, fermenting, and double distillation are all done by hand. The result is superior quality spirits that you will not find anywhere else.

There are other distilleries you can check out as well. The Eastern Shore Brewing is where you will get ice-cold beer to quench your thirst. Get ready to try out porters, ales, and other brews. 

If you prefer wine, head over to St. Michaels Winery. With over 18 wine types, you are sure to find one you will love. And please, go ahead and buy some to take back with you. 

Cruise the Miles River

One of the best ways to explore Saint Michael’s, Maryland, is on a cruise. Signing up for the Patriots cruise tour is the most popular way. You can see the best scenery along the Miles River and the Chesapeake Bay. 

You will catch a glimpse of Saint Michaels, eateries along Main Street, and quaint Village shops. Don’t be surprised to see some native wildlife during the cruise. There are guides who can answer any questions you may have during the tour. 

The Miles river cruise is about 75 minutes long. There is, however, entertainment like live music. This can be a relief if traveling with kids because they tend to get bored quickly.

Another river cruise option is on the Sail Selina II. It is a luxury yacht that can take up to 6 guests. This makes it ideal for more intimate experiences with family or friends. 

Relax at Hollis Park or Enjoy Water Activities

There are moments during your vacation when you want to relax. Don’t stay cooped up in the family resort, though, instead, head over to Hollis Park for fresh air in a splendid setting. The 2-acre park is dog friendly and provides plenty of space for the kids to run around. There are child-friendly activities like slides, swings, and climbing bars. 

Hollis Park is next to the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum. So, once you get your fill of maritime history, head over to the park for some relaxation. 

You can also take a moment to reconnect with nature by spending time in the water. You have options like kayaking, fishing, and boating. The San Domingo Creek, Leadenham Creek, Oak Creek, and Miles river offer plenty of space for this.

If you are an avid angler, you will love the abundance of fish. You can catch largemouth bass, catfish, carp, or rainbow trout. 

Final Thoughts

St. Michaels has a lot of old-town charm. There are still many relics of maritime history. The kids and even adults can learn a lot while enjoying the experience of exploring the museums. 

The ideal location of the family resorts at the waterfront means you wake up to beautiful views every day. What could beat the sea breezes wafting through your windows?

Beyond that, you can take the chance to reconnect with nature. Do this by hiking, cycling, or just lazing at the park.