The advantages of an air fryer


Until about a year and a half ago, I also had an air fryer myself, and I have to admit: such a thing is really quite useful. It seemed better for my health because you no longer have to use liters of cooking oil. Moreover, I always found the house to smell so bad from the deep fryer, so that’s why the switch was made from deep fryer to air fryer.

And so vacuum sealer reusable bags there are many more advantages to having an air fryer, because did you know, for example, that you can do more with it than just preparing fries and snacks? Of course, not everything about the air fryer is positive; unfortunately, there are also some disadvantages. In this article, I list the advantages and disadvantages of an air fryer for you, so that you can make the choice yourself whether you also make the switch from a deep fryer to an air fryer!


Especially when it comes to convenience and versatility, an air fryer can really be an asset for you. An air fryer is much easier to maintain and use in several aspects than a deep fryer. Here are some of the key benefits of an air fryer:

An air fryer is easy to clean: this can be done in the dishwasher! Not the whole device, of course, but the basket where you bake the fries and snacks. It is best to clean the drawer of the air fryer with kitchen paper after each use because there is still some moisture or grease dripping in it.

An air fryer is quick and easy to preheat: it only takes a few minutes before the air fryer has reached the right temperature. The air fryer also gives a sound, so you know it’s done! With a deep fryer, that is a bit more difficult to determine and it takes longer.

The house smells less: to be honest. Even with an air fryer, you can smell in the house that fries have been eaten. But the stench is really much less than with a regular deep fryer. If you also turn on the extractor hood, you will be much less bothered by the unpleasant odors.

You do not need frying fat: this not only saves considerably in costs (such a bottle quickly costs 6 euros and you have to replace the fat after 5 times) but what do you think of messing with fat? This is a very dirty job, but with an air fryer, you will no longer be bothered by this.

The air fryer turns off automatically when the timer has expired: you can set the time for baking your fries or snacks. Often this is also stated on the packaging. You don’t have to worry about your best food vacuum sealer, unlike with a deep fryer.

You can also use the air fryer for baking: for example, make a cake in the air fryer, or use it to bake a nice sausage roll! It is important that you clean the air fryer well so that the smells and flavors do not mix.


Unfortunately, an air fryer doesn’t only have advantages, but which device does? There is always something to think of that is less useful or less good about a device:

An air fryer takes up space: especially for a device that you do not use on a daily basis. It can be annoying to have on your kitchen counter. But with a deep fryer, of course, you have the same problem.

Preparing fries and snacks takes longer: your fries and snacks are not ready within five minutes, but sometimes have to lie in the air fryer for 15-20 minutes before they are yellow gold and crispy. However, preheating an air fryer takes less time than a fryer, so all in all it may not matter much in terms of time.

You have to buy special fries and snacks: you probably know them, those fries and snacks that are specially made to be prepared in the oven or air fryer. Often there is much less in it and you pay much more. Is it really necessary, or is it pure marketing again? Actually, you can also use regular fries and snacks from the freezer in the air fryer, but these become less crispy and continue to look a bit pale and pathetic. You don’t have this problem with special fries and snacks for the oven and air fryer.

The basket is not very large: you can often only put the bottom of the fries in the basket of the air fryer to get everything well cooked and crispy. If you do it too full, it will still be a weak mess. And do you want to use the air fryer to bake a cake? Then you often need a special baking tin that fits in the air fryer. Fortunately, there are plenty of accessories for sale for the air fryer!


I always thought the air fryer was quite an ideal thing! Indeed, we had much less trouble with the stench in the house, and I found it very nice that I no longer had to mess with frying fat. I also really liked the idea that you don’t have to use frying fat for an air fryer. I have never done anything other than fries and snacks with the air fryer, so unfortunately I cannot judge that myself. I still think, no matter how well you clean the air fryer, that there will be smells and flavors of fries and snacks in your cake anyway, so that doesn’t seem like a tasty idea to me.

Now that I haven’t had an air fryer for a year and a half, I miss the device less than expected. I also don’t have a deep fryer, but now I use the oven much more often. I love to cook and like to prepare my own fries and bake them in the oven. That is also a much healthier option than frying! I cut the fries myself and mix it in a bowl with a tablespoon of olive oil or sunflower oil. Also delicious with some herbs, such as thyme or rosemary. And do I want some real fries with a croquette? Then I go, very occasionally, just to the snack bar around the corner!