The 5 Highest Paid German Soccer Players in 2021


With the soccer craze raving through the world- anyone would inevitably be interested in learning more about their favorite soccer players and trivial facts like the top high-paid players of your favored leading country in soccer.

Germany has been a leader in the soccer world, with its world-class soccer players. Each of their players has won many distinctions and is an ace of the clubs they are in. They have made Germany into what it is today as they made it into the annals of history.

So which of the players have the most yearly income? How much are they paid each year? Read on to satisfy your insatiable curiosity.

Whether it is La Liga or Bundes Liga, German players have dominated all the top spots. These players get paid more than other players.

Below is a compiled list of the top 5 highest-paid soccer players in 2021.

1. Tony Kroos (21 Million Euro Per Year)

Tony Kroos had a solid career with two consecutive league titles, a UEFA Champions League title, two DFB-Pokal titles. He played for Real Madrid as a midfielder since 2014. Before this, he used to play for Bayern Munich ever since he made his debut at age 17 in 2007.

Kroos made his first free-kick against Barcelona earlier this April against Real Madrid. See all the soccer results yesterday to know whether Kroos participated in any matches recently.  

2. Mesut Ozil (20.5 Million Euro Per Year)

Ozil plays as an attacker midfielder for club Fenerbahce. He used to play for Arsenal but was transferred to fenerbahçe for 50 million euros this year, becoming the most expensive German player ever.

He has the record of having the second-most assists in La Liga. Ozil holds the record for winning the highest amount of German Player of the Year awards (5). He has made appearances in five major tournaments. He was also the top-assist provider for the 2010 FIFA Cup and UEFA Euro 2012.

With his help, Germany won the 2014 FIFA World Cup. However, he retired from international sports in 2018 due to disrespect and discrimination from German Football Association (DFB) and German Media.

3. Manuel Neuer (18 Million Euro Per Year)

The third contender is our list considered the best goalkeeper of all times, according to Bundesliga. Neuer started his career in Schalke 04 and played for that club for about seven years. Later he was transferred to Bayern Munich in 2011. He has been the goalkeeper for that team and eventually became the captain as well.

He has won nine Bundesliga titles and two UEFA Champions League for Bayern. In the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Neuer helped win the Cup for Germany and received the Golden Ball award for showing the best goalkeeping performance in the entire tournament. Neuer made his 300th club victory in his 447th Bundesliga game on 23 October 2021.

Neuer’s contract with Bayern Munich expired earlier this year. He later extended the contract and is expected to play for Bayern till 2013. 

4. Timo Werner (15.5 Million Euro Per Year)

Werner plays for club Chelsea as well as the German team in the forward position. When he was young, Werner was a prolific goalscorer ever since he was young, scoring 34 goals in the 48 game appearances he made.

He made his debut in 2017 when he won the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup and was awarded a Golden Boot for his astounding performances. He also represented Germany at the 2018 FIFA World Cup and UEFA Euro 2020. 

Werner started playing for Stuttgart initially back in 2013. Later in 2020, he was transferred to Chelsea. Check out his astonishing score rates and soccer score predictions to further understand his stats. 

5. Thomas Muller (15 Million Euro Per Year)

Muller is one of Germany’s most versatile players. He has a very versatile playing style that adapts to every situation. He has spent all of his youth and senior club career in Bayern Munich, taking on various attacking roles- as an attacking midfielder, second striker, center-forward, and wing forward for both sides.

Muller is a favorite choice of many people when watching live soccer games. He has a prolific and well-reputed career of 250 goals for his club and country. 

At the 2014 World cup, Muller played for the German team. He had received both a silver boot and a silver ball for his excellent roles as the second-best top scorer and second-best goalkeeper. Currently, Miller is Germany’s most decorated soccer player in history, with 30 trophies.  


Aside from the players mentioned above from our list, there are many other german soccer players in the industry. By no means are they paid less than the ones mentioned above. Yearly income for soccer players changes every year due to their performance. A player who has shown greater performance will have a higher income.

The players we mentioned are the ones who are currently in the lead in the German soccer industry in both performance and yearly income.

Watch live streams for these players online before drawing stats for them. Also, make sure to learn some betting tips if you intend to bet on any of them.