Tastiest Treats on the Panda Express Menu


It’s always great to visit Panda Express when you’re in the mood for American-Chinese fast-food cuisine. The Panda Express menu prices are reasonable, while the food is reasonably good. If you order the right stuff, the food is actually great. 

Order what you want, that’s generally how you enjoy yourself at any fast-food/fast casual joint. But if you’re new to Panda Express, then make sure you order the following items. That way, you’re getting a proper introduction to the joys of Panda Express. You’ll get a great meal, and you’ll probably come back. 

Orange Chicken

This classic is an obvious choice for this list, as it is the most popular item on the menu. It’s what made the reputation for the Panda Express brand. They make the Orange Chicken as fast as they can, and it doesn’t take long for someone to order it. That’s probably why the breading here is the crispiest among all the other breaded items. It just doesn’t sit for too long. 

You have your sticky and gooey orange sauce, along with some acidity and tang to catch your attention. It offers extremely delicious flavors that no other competitor can beat. Sure, some other places might also offer a good orange chicken. But none of them are better than this. 

Order this along with any of the side dishes, and every pairing is great. It elevates every other side dish that might accompany it. If you’re a newbie to Panda Express, then this is what you must get. And once you get a taste, you’ll return to the place just for this Orange Chicken. 

Chow Mein

This may be a rather astonishing item to include on this list. But it makes sense if you’ve tried often tried ordering the chow mein at other places. Almost always, they’re just bad. They’re generally chewy and slimy, and the noodles are often so long it takes a lot of effort to get them onto your fork. 

But Panda Express gets their chow mein right, and that’s on a regular basis. They get the noodle texture just right, not too dry but not slimy, either. The noodles are also short enough that it’s relatively easy to get them on your fork. 

There are other ingredients here, but they complement rather than overwhelm the noodles. You’ve got celery and cabbage, nicely adding texture to the dish. And the mild flavor is also just right to enhance whatever main dish you’re having. Have this with your Orange Chicken, and you’ve got yourself a delicious and filling meal. 

Beijing Beef

True, it has a lot of calories. And it’s also not so popular, which means it stands a bit for too long before someone orders it. Consequently, the breading isn’t as crispy as it ought to be. 

Yet it stands out among the many entries in the Panda Express menu. You get battered beef accentuated by the sweet and spicy flavor of the red sauce. Then you have your classic pairing of red bell peppers and onions, which is a pairing you find in other items in the menu. They fit great here with the battered beef and the tasty red sauce. 

Wok Seared Steak and Shrimp

This is a relatively new entry in the menu, but it deserves its place there and on this list. You get 2 different proteins with steak and shrimp, plus 4 different veggies. You have onions, red bell peppers, snap peas, and even potatoes get into the mix. But the overall combination works nicely. 

They sure cook their steak perfectly for this dish, and they accompany it with fat, juicy shrimp. Both of these ingredients match up very well with the sauce. The veggies could be better, but they’re not bad. 

All in all, this is a great alternative if you’ve grown tired of ordering either the Orange Chicken or the Beijing Beef. It may as well join those 2 classics to become one of your standby favorites here at Panda Express. 

Grilled Teriyaki Chicken

You have the grilled chicken, and that’s it. There are no other ingredients here that might add some texture or enhance the taste of the chicken. There’s no breading, no sauce, no veggies, no peanuts. What you get is a messy bunch of chopped chicken bits. 

But it’s a great mess, if you overlook the rather unassuming presentation. It offers you that classic teriyaki flavor you’re looking for. And somehow, it’s very moist. That’s not easy to accomplish when you don’t have any sauce for your plain chicken. 

Perhaps on its own, this may not work. But as a part of a meal, it’s great. Get it with some carbs (perhaps rice or the chow mein) and a side of veggies, and just relax and enjoy your meal.