Tank Mop: How Does It Work?

how tank mop works

Find out how the tank mop works

For easy and quick maintenance of all your professional premises, find out how the floor mopping tank works. Its integrated sprayer makes it easy to clean the floor of a kitchen, a waiting room, or an office. In this handy guide, we’ll explain how a spray mop works.

Simplify your life with the tank mop

Mopping the floor is one of the household chores with the most health consequences. Floor cleaning also requires a lot of time and energy. And it’s not uncommon to find yourself mopping the tiles after spilling a bucket full of soapy water. Fortunately, thanks to the tank mop, this household task will become much easier and faster.

You can achieve a professional result and a shiny floor in all your premises in (almost) no time. You just have to learn how to handle your new mop with a sprayer.

How to use the tank mop?

Using your floor mop with the tank is really very simple. To save time and quickly get to grips with your new work tool, here are the main steps to follow:

  • Open the tank attached to the handle of your broom. Then fill it with water and household product and close the cap properly before use
  • You must then attach the accessory of your choice to the base of the floor mop. It can be a squeegee, mop or mop
  • Place your mop in position, then spray towards the area to be cleaned
  • Start your floor cleaning. At any time, you can activate the control of your broom to spray the mixture of water and household product on your tiles.

You will see, thanks to the new generation mop, you will change the way you see cleaning!

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Discover the accessories compatible with your floor mop

Mops with tanks are generally compatible with different accessories, depending on the chosen use. For example, you can attach a soleplate or a squeegee and use a microfiber mop or a washing mop.

You can also fit a handy rotary mop. Indeed, its small size makes it easy to clean inaccessible places. Again, prefer microfibers that can wash all types of surfaces. Their electrostatic power also makes it easier to trap dirt.

Where to use your tank mop?

The spray floor mop can be used in all types of premises. Its efficiency is formidable in a professional kitchen and in a refectory room.

You can also use this type of broom in communities or in a doctor’s office. With the tank mop, get a professional result in a waiting room, a classroom, or a clinic.

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