Switzerland has had a reputation for being this gorgeous, dreamy place


Switzerland has had a reputation for being this gorgeous, dreamy place. Let me tell you it is more beautiful and serene in reality. The picture-perfect countryside, the cute little villages, the fascinating museums, and the magnificent mountain, the Alps make a major part of the country adding to the supremacy and beauty. Here many iconic movies have been shot like the ‘Lord of the Rings: Trilogy”. The food! It’s so good; you get different food preparations from different regions. Chocolate and cheese are world-renowned and they do stand up to all expectations. I say the chocolate and the cheese are enough reasons to visit Switzerland. Just imagine enjoying great food in such a paradise-like place!

 Here are the top reasons to visit this beautiful place with Switzerland Tour Packages:

World’s most graceful lakes

Switzerland is a country nestled in the Swiss Alps featuring beautiful glistening lakes. There are numerous lakes formed by the four river basins of the country. Many of these lakes are yet to be explored, but it is very easy to get to the very remote places with the amazing transportation system of Switzerland. Exploring some lakes or even getting to a remote lake makes for a fun adventure opportunity. There’s privacy and calm while you spend time at any of the lakes as the country is not tourist-hounded.

 Every lake has its distinct collection of entertaining activities, including swimming, fishing, water skiing, and sightseeing tours. A variety of cultural attractions, including historic fortifications, one-of-a-kind museums, and attractive public gardens, may be found in lakeside resorts, communities, and cities.

 Instagram worthy sceneries

Switzerland is completely picturesque and Instagram-worthy. Everywhere you look around is just beautiful. We recommend an extra battery for your camera on your everyday here, coz you might feel like capturing everything in sight. It can be confusing where to go in a limited time when everything is attractive and inviting. We have some recommendations for you:

Town of Bern: A world Heritage Site & The most Instagrammable place in Switzerland. Numerous Renaissance fountains and old towers with sandstone facades can be found here.

Appenzell: The cows we saw in DDLJ are all here, along with a magnificent architectural heritage.

Geneva: Yes! The city we have all read about in school has the headquarters of so many world bodies. Come visit for the

·         The International Committee of the Red Cross

·         The World Health Organization

·         The vineyards, castles. 

·         Jet d’eau

·         Balcony of Geneva

·         Basilica of Notre Dame in Geneva

Zurich: Experience luxury and refinement at its best. Come visit

·         Lake Zurich

·         Old Town for the museums

·         Kunsthaus for Modern Art

·         Lindenhof for a heartwarming sunset.

Fairytale like castles

 Visiting the magnificent, almost unreal charming castles makes for a memory of a lifetime. There are hundreds of castles in Switzerland, and many of them are listed as Swiss Heritage Sites. Our top recommendations are:

  • Chillon Castle: Set by the Swiss Alps and the lake Geneva
  • Neuchâtel Castle: This 12th-century castle is used by the government. It is open free of cost for visitors from April through September.
  • Oberhofen Castle: A castle for the romantics has jaw-dropping beautiful gardens.
  • Bellinzona Castles: A castle from where cannons were shot. Exciting!

The lip-smacking food

 The place is soul-satisfying and so is the food. Do try these while you are in Switzerland:

  • The Cheese – The fondue and the different cheese will make you feel calm. Try the cheese with wine.
  • Papet Vaudois – It’s a simple, hearty dish of stewed mashed potatoes and leaks, that’ll feel like a lovely hug on a cold Swiss day.
  • Rosti Valaisanne – A grated potato pan-fried dish, served with pickles, and fried egg. It is one of the most popular breakfast preparations in the country and also is one of the national dishes of the country.
  • Raclette – It is a local cheese that is traditionally grilled gently over a fire and sliced off, layer by melted layer, served to cover boiled potatoes, pickles, and onions.

 Swiss Chocolates and cheese

 Visiting Switzerland is incomplete without experiencing the renowned cheese and chocolate of Switzerland. The best chocolate shops to visit in Switzerland are:

·         LINDT HOME OF CHOCOLATE: This museum has chocolate-making workshops, chocolate tasting, and games for children throughout the museum. This very old but iconic chocolate brand has outlets and cafes all over the touristy places of Switzerland.

·         TOBLERONE: This chocolate brand has a rich long-lasting flavor. They use the finest ingredients.

·          MASTRANI CHOCOLARIUM: This is one magical chocolate factory. There’s a lot you can do here, view live chocolate making, being wrapped and workshops you can take part in.

 Cheese making is a whole culture here. All Swiss cheese comes from grass-fed cattle making it richer in healthy fats and nutrients that protect against heart disease. 

 Some cheese factory tours we recommend are:

·         La Maison du Gruyère: Smell, taste, view the traditional cheese at this magnificent cheese factory.

·         Engelberg cheese factory: The cheese is manufactured by artisanal in a moment. This tour will expose you to how cheese has entwined the culture and the people.

Do take cheese for friends and family. It’d be the souvenirs they’d ever receive.

 Swiss hiking and skiing experience

 This beautiful country lies in the Alps. Hiking and skiing make for a thrilling as well as unique experience. It’s a bucket list wish for most visitors. Top hikes to try here: 

·         Mount Rigi Panorama Trail

·         Engelberg Valley

 Just imagine swooping smoothly through the beautiful glistening snow in the Alps. Top ski trips we recommend: 

·         Zermatt 

·         St . Moritz 

·         Verbier 

·         Saas-Fee

The majestic Matterhorn

The Majestic beautiful Matterhorn is the highest peak in the Alps. It inspired the famous Roller Coaster of Disneyland. There are many ways to get to the top. You can take a helicopter ride to the peak, which makes for completely majestic views. A trek here makes for an adventurous activity. It’s a moderate-level hike and will take 12 hours to reach the top. You can also take a cable car ride to the top. There’s also a train to the peak. Take the Glacier Express Train to view the vistas of the mountain and spot people hiking, or trekking the mountain.


Well! I am convinced to visit Switzerland. The cheese, chocolates, and the mountains! What’s not to love? Experiencing the fascinating architecture and the ancient castles makes for a full being in a movie experience. Have a fun trip to this magical land!