Swing Set Benefits You Didn’t Know About


As a child, no greater feeling in the world exists than enjoying a great merry time on the swings with your friends, whether it’s at the park, your home or, your backyard. There might exist a universal love for them in all of our childhood memories, ranging from Steel Swing Units to tyre swings, from hammock swings to baby bucket swings, many different types of swings are enjoyed by people of all ages. But, have you ever thought about what makes them so much fun for all?

Swings and Childhood

Playtime on swings was perhaps, the most popular way to spend your time with your friends in school. Swings are an essential part of one’s childhood. Not only do they provide us with a fun time but also help in important bodily development during early childhood. In these modern times where everyone and everything is surrounded by technology, playtime on swings has become all the more vital, and so, it is now seen as an essential activity rather than a waste of time. Presently with fun along with safety in mind, many different types of swings have been developed-

Types of Swing sets-

Tire swings– a swing made from a whole tire. These are simply new or used tyres hanging from a tree on a rope or a steel beam.

Bucket swings– these swings have bucket-shaped seats with holes for a child’s legs along with a safety belt, intended to reduce the possibility of a toddler falling out of the swing.

Belt swings– swings with a belt across the ropes, made for swinging fast and high.

Flat bottom swings– swing with a flat bottom which provides durability to accommodate anyone from kids to adults.

Hammock swings– swings that are removable and are made up of light material like net or cloth. The hammock is suspended between 2 trees or poles and swings from side to side.

Porch swings– swings with bench-like seats made primarily for adults. The seat is usually large enough to seat about 3-4 people.

Disk-rope swings– this swing consists of a disk at the end of a rope suspended from a sturdy base.

Why are Swings necessary?

We realise that swings have come a long way from the time where playing on them was considered to be just a waste of time. Childhood nostalgia associated with them aside, they are considered to be a vital source providing physical, mental, motor, and cognitive development in a child. Children are able to engage in more exercises and strength training as they run, jump, push, pull and climb up and down. Kids of all ages must be allowed to explore such outdoor equipment likes playground swings to satiate their curiosity and help with their physical growth. Not only do swings provide physical benefits but they are also a good way of relieving stress for adults, the swinging motion has a calming and soothing effect that may provide relaxation and temporary relief from one’s busy lifestyle.

Key Benefits of playing on Swings-

· Swings are both fun and relaxing for kids as well as adults.

· Playing on swings enables children towards healthy social interactions.

· Swinging improves body awareness and movement.

· Swings help provide relief from stress and elevate the mood in adults as well as kids.

· Swinging helps develop gross motor skills like running and jumping.

· Swinging also helps to develop a child’s core muscles and aids with the development of balance as well.

· Reduces the risk of obesity as children as well as adults, burn calories when they play on swings.

· Playing outside also leads to a healthy level of exposure to fresh air and sunlight, vital for good bones and muscles.

· Playing on swings also provide kids with a good workout in the form of entertainment.

· Kids need freedom and unrestricted movement for personal growth as well and swings are a great tool that helps them in such a way.

The most important and key benefit of playing on swing sets is just that they are fun. At Premier Play Solutions, we understand how important these benefits are and strive to provide the best steel swing sets for you and your loved ones.