Stunt Driving Tips – Driving Games Great Stunt Drivers Play


As a stunt performer, I regularly work with professional drivers, and I’ve noticed that they all play mini-games to make them better drivers on the road. They constantly practice driving on the road and at the same time make everyday drive stunt car games and enjoy.

For example, one of the best stunt drivers I know likes to pick up a line from a pedestrian crossing and see if they can put a front tire on it. Where stunt directors and coordinators want you, stopping is an essential skill for all stunt leaders, and it’s a way to “stay in shape.”

Tony Ridl, a great driver, driving instructor and horseman loves to apply the brakes all the time as he approaches the traffic light. Try it, it’s hard. Press one continuous way to the end and stop exactly where you want. This helps Tony in his race, where you have to use a constant braking pressure (maximum) at every turn.

Ross Bentley, a race car driver and an amazing driving instructor, likes to feel comfortable. He tries to make every gear shift as smooth as possible. He thinks that if his passengers closed their eyes, they would not be able to feel the gear shifting up or down. It would seem almost impossible, but if you’ve ever traveled with Rosa, you know it’s not. He is by far the lightest driver with whom I have had the pleasure of sitting in a passenger seat. He also wins a lot in races.

One of the games I play is to watch as much as possible. If I drove and there was something in front of the road that caused more traffic, I would slow down a bit, give the person in front a little more space and then look at the other drivers. I know they notice an accident when the brake light comes on. that’s funny! It’s also amazing how close drivers are now to an accident before they even notice it.

But now, when I’m driving and someone in front of me slows down for something I didn’t see, I take it as an alarm because I’ve lost my sight. And I’m not watching. You create your own games, but the idea is to make the time you spend behind the wheel valuable.  One of the things that makes great drivers great is that they think about driving, no matter where they are.

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