Stonewall Capital Review –The Truly Advanced Trading Platform for You


One of the things that I have seen happen in the days of the internet is the throwing around of terms without a reason. People like to use fancy words without realizing what they mean and this causes those words to lose meaning. When it comes to online trading, every broker is offering you an “advanced” trading platform. Well, are they? The only truly advanced platform that I have seen is Stonewall Capital. Know more about it in this Stonewall Capital review.

Rather than going into the dozens of features that traders enjoy when they trade with Stonewall Capital, let’s just talk about the features that prove its forward thinking. So, let’s go ahead.

The Platform for the Future

It’s an advanced trading platform and you can see that right from the way it has been designed esthetically. The interface is very modern and the options are located intuitively for everyone to find with ease. Secondly, you can customize a lot of different parts of this platform to become more efficient in its use. Furthermore, the compatibility of this trading software is through the roof. It does not matter which device you are holding, which operating system is on your device, and where you are in the world, the platform works in all of these conditions. The fact that you don’t even have to download it makes things even better.

Yes, you have the web-based version of the software that you can use from your browser without ever downloading it. You can trade using the stop-loss and take-profit trading techniques, which are quite close to automation of trading because your trading positions close automatically when they reach a certain point defined by you.

Social Trading for All

This concept is quite new and that’s why you won’t find many platforms that have social trading integrated on them. Yet again, it proves that Stonewall Capital is the truly advanced platform because it does offer you this feature. So, what exactly is this type of trading? Also called copy trading, this method of trading allows you to look into the trades of other traders. These are specific traders who have been picked based on their performance in trading. You can look at the trading portfolio, past performance, and many other statistics to figure out how good of a trader they are.

What happens when you know enough about them? Well, that’s where copy trading or social trading really begins. You are able to copy their trades after you pick one from the bunch. Yes, you will have to pick a trader that you think matches your trading preferences. After that, your will copy their trades, which would mean that every trading decision they take will be taken for you too. In other words, you can trade without any learning and education. You just have to pick the right person to follow in their trading decisions.

Trade Cryptos and More

Another thing that should give you a clear indication that your platform is advanced is the availability of the cryptocurrency market. The cryptocurrency market is not available on all the trading platforms in the world. What should really get your attention is that you can trade many cryptocurrencies through this platform, such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether, Bitcoin, etc. Of course, you do have access to other financial markets as well. You can find nearly 50 different currency pairs only in the forex market. Other financial markets that you might want to check out include commodities, indices, and stocks.

Final Thoughts

I chose to call Stonewall Capital an advanced trading platform not to throw another overused term in your direction. I have gone through this platform’s features to find out that it is doing something completely different from most other competitors out there. The social trading feature on this platform is something that I think will be the future of trading and you can already taste the future when you join Stonewall Capital.